A Little something About Hit and Run by R.L.Stine and short review

Hit and Run


A little something about this book:

This book was printed in 1992. I got it earlier this month and I have to say that its previous owner(s) took really good care of it. Even though it’s 23 years old, it’s still in really good condition. I was looking at the last pages of the book, where they used to list R.L. Stine’s other books with prices and a little order form, and I saw that the prices used to $3.50. I started reading R.L. Stine books in 98/99 when I was in either 5th or 6th grade and back then $3.50 was too expensive. Not only was I an elementary school kid without money of her own, but my family was actually too poor to afford buying too many books.  And I was definitely a more-than-one-book kind of kid. Still am! I think this might be one of the oldest books I own.

What’s the oldest book you own?

My review:

Hit and Run is about a group of friends going out for a drive to practice for their upcoming driving test. Everything was going great, until one of them ran someone over. What are four unlicensed teens to do? Hit and run of course, the only witness is now dead after all… or is he?

Even though R.L. Stine books don’t feel as suspenseful as they used to, there were times when I was edge of my seat! This book was fun, fast paced, and over all very enjoyable to read. However, I was disappointed by the ending. I felt like the protagonists didn’t learn a lesson and there was no justice served! I like it when justice is served. It actually felt like the only one who paid the price was the victim… but which victim? haha!

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