[November 9th: morning] Strange Dream #1

The tall dark man stood there, watching me.

He was wearing a suit jacket, a tall hat, and had what appeared to be a mustache.

His eyes were dimly yellowed and his irises were almost black.

His teeth were yellow, sharp, and crooked.

His skin and clothes were black, as if covered in soot.

“I will eat the child,” he said in a surprisingly pleasant voice.

“Eat… as in… EAT?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said and grinned.

I turned around and noticed a large blue cooler. 

I opened it and looked inside.

Unlike a normal cooler, this one felt warm and had steam streaming out of it.

“There really is a child in there,” I said. 

“Is he…dead? Is he cooked?!” I asked to myself.

The tall man kept grinning behind me, when suddenly….

My alarm went off.

“Why would a man want to eat a child?” I asked myself still half asleep.

As my head started to clear I realized that I felt relief. Had the dream continued, it would have certainly turned into a nightmare.


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