[Dream Casting] Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Who is the model on the Obsidian cover? He’s gorgeous. Would be great if he was an actor as well, that way I could dream cast him. He will forever be Daemon and honestly nobody else seems good enough. But I’ll try.


If Obsidian was turned into a movie, this is who I would cast.

Description: Main protagonist. Used to be a bystander but no more! Sassy, likable, not very confident in her looks.
Actress: Emily Browning. Yup! She can do bystander, sassy, and badassy! She can do anything!


Description: A-hole. Sure he has a good reason but he’s till a butt. Sexy alien~
Actor: Liam Hemsworth. Ok now Imagine whim with black hair and green almost-glowing eyes, and more broody. Yes? YYEESSS!

Description: Super nice and friendly. Drop dead gorgeous.
Actress: Megan Fox . When I imagined Dee, this is pretty close to how I imagined she would look.



Description: A bad itch.
Actress: Elle Fanning. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Elle Fanning do a not-so-likable character before. Would be interesting to see!


Andrew and Adam
Description: Andrew is very much like his sister Ash. Adam is a bit neutral about the whole “humans suck” thing.
Actor: Lucas Till. But with the bluest blue eyes.

Andrew                                             Adam

lucas-till-video-game-august-man-07   Lucas Till-CSH-052595


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