[Unbookish Wednesday] Snow…ugh!

First snow of the year here in South Korea!

First snow! Ugh, this sucks.

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First REAL snow day while at work. The kids loved it of course. And yes! It was awesome and beautiful but the aftermath always sucks.


A post shared by Raquel (@rakiyang) on

I had been dreading winter/snow since mid summer, seriously. I don’t like snow. It’s slippery and dangerous, and makes getting to work more difficult. Actually, since I live downhill, getting getting can also be a bit of an adventure. Especially since my street is not THAT well traveled, so the snow doesn’t always get cleared up. Also, when someone does bother to sweep the place they always leave a thin, extremely slippery, layer of snow behind. That just adds to my horrors.

But sometimes do look better covered in snow~



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