The Childhood Book Tag!

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Childhood Book Tag

  1. First book you remember reading on your own?

The first book I remember reading on my own was The Secret Garden in Spanish. It was absolutely amazing and beautiful. I still somewhat remember what the cover looked like. The very first book in English that I read on my own and bought on my own was Let’s Get Invisible by R.L. Stine. I immediately fell in love with his books and my love for reading was shaped!

2. First book you remember having your parents read to you?

I don’t think my parents ever read to me when I was little. Perhaps my mom used to read to me when I was very little, before I can remember. My earliest memories are from when I was 4 or 5.

3. Book you read because of your parents? Because of a friend?

I think I started reading Harry Potter because I saw a friend with a Harry Potter book. She didn’t recommend it, in fact, I don’t think she even liked it but the cover looked interesting so I looked more into it.

4. Favorite book from school?

I honestly loved almost every book we read in elementary – high school, with 2 exceptions. I hated The Old Man and the Sea and Crime and Punishment.

5.Favorite book in elementary?

Probably Bridge to Terabithia. That might have been the first time a book made me cry.

6.In Middle school?

I can’t remember which books we read in class, I want to say Of Mice and Men? But that might have been high school. However, I do remember reading Harry Potter, and boy do I love Harry Potter!

7.In high school?

The Joy Luck Club, The Great Gatsby, and Into the Wild. All amazing books! But my absolute favorite is actually a short story called The Scarlet Ibis. It was absolutely heart wrenching. Although I was appalled by what the protagonist did, I could relate to how he felt. I strongly suggest you read that short story. It’s short and I’m sure you can find it on google.

8.Book you gave up on as a kid that you’d like to revisit?

Crime and Punishment (I read it in HS but I’m old enough that high schoolers are kids to me now), maybe I’ll like it more now. I almost finished it the first time I read it.

9.Book you checked out from the library the most as a kid?

R.L. Stine books, that’s all I would read.

10.Book you made all your friends read?

I haven’t forced any of my friends to read but I do often recommend John Dies at the End and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

11.The book that made you love reading?

Let’s Get Invisible by R.L. Stine.

12.Favorite middle grade read?

The Secret Book series by Pseudonymous Bosch.

13.Favorite young adult read?

At this time I’d have to say Fangirl.

14.First long series you read as a kid?

Harry Potter unless Goosebumps counts!

15.How did you learn to read? How old were you?

School and just practicing on my own. I was maybe around 8 or 9 when I learned how to read in English.

16.How obsessed were you with the scholastic book fairs as a kid?

Not much. I mean I loved it and I loved going in and looking at all the amazing books, but I was too poor to buy any. It wasn’t until 5th or 6th grade that I begged and begged my parents to give me money for a book. I bought Let’s Get Invisible by R.L. Stine. I actually still remember the smell of the little room when you walked in. That wonderful new book smell. Beautiful~


And that is all! I hope you enjoyed reading my answers and getting to know me a little~

I would like to tag Cathy @ Bookishfall to do this tag! Actually, it would be awesome if you could ALL do this tag!


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