[Unbookish Wednesday] Insects

Ok, so I hate bugs. They creep me out and they’re a little gross. They don’t bother me outside, but when they invade my home I made them d-e-d ded (hehe I made a reference, and now it’s totally lame because I pointed it out)!

There IS one thing I like about them, and that is taking pictures of them. Even thought they’re creepy and gross I hate to admit that they’re pretty amazing too. The interesting shapes and the sometimes amazing colors make them perfect picture subjects.

I’ve taken many pictures of insects throughout the years, unfortunately I don’t know where they are. But I do have a few!

I have been always been scared of earwigs, and the pincers on this one were ridiculously long. It truly is a mild phobia of mine, so this was a bit horrifying.


Found this one on the ground. Sad 😦


6 legs! How? How did this happen? I spent maybe a little too long theorizing how this had happened. I was a little scared to get too close so I didn’t observe too closely. Ok, actually, I was just a little too embarrassed to take a closer look, people were already looking at me weird for taking pictures. Anyway, how?! I really wanted to poke it to see if it was still alive, but I didn’t want to be mean and disturb it. Also, these spiders are pretty big, about half my hand.


Cool looking stink bug. Korea has an abundance of these things. They’re a bit annoying, buzzing around, but they’re pretty harmless.


I had NEVER seen a black ladybug before this one. I was amazed.


What are your thought on insects?


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