[Review] No Cats Allowed by Miranda James

No Cats Allowed by Miranda James


This cover is so cute!

First of all, I’m so excited! This was my very first ARC!! The ARC was given to me by Mysteries and Crime Thrillers in exchange for an honest review.

Score: 2.5/5

Everybody at the Athena College Library hates the new Library Interim Director, Oscar Reilly. He’s tyrannical, annoying, and childish. So when Reilly is found dead and Melba, Charlie’s close friend, is framed it’s up to Charlie and his feline companion, Diesel, to figure out who the real killer is. Things only get more complicated when one in the growing list of suspects is also killed. Can Charlie figure out who the murderer is before someone else dies?

This was the first time I read a cozy mystery with a feline companion protagonist. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

After reading the synopsis I was under the impression that Diesel’s role was going to be essential in solving the mystery. This was not so. Diesel’s mail role in the story was to interact with Charlie and add charm to the story, which he certainly did. I think any cat lover would have found themselves shouting, “My kitty does that too!” as they read their interactions. I can certainly see why so many people enjoy these cozy mysteries.

The world building in this story was excellent. I felt like I was living it, standing right next to Charlie as it happened. That being said, there were times when I felt all the little details were a bit unnecessary and that they only slowed down the flow of the story.

Over all I felt the book was a bit slow. I was impatiently waiting to get to the mystery and when it did occur it wasn’t very thrilling. There were no big twists or big reveals throughout the rest of the book either, not until the very end. The end was not obvious which is great. A good mystery should always keep you guessing. But it didn’t have a mind blowing end like I had hoped for either.

This book was certainly not bad. I just don’t think was the book for me.

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