[Review] Mind Over Easy by Bryan Cohen

Mind Over Easy (Ted Saves the World #2)


First of all, don’t continue reading if you haven’t read the first one!

Ted Finley thought being a teenage superhero would make life easier… …until friends and foes began taking sides in an escalating war.

Between fighting crime, ignoring the growing Go Home Alien movement and fielding recruitment offers from the federal government, Ted’s world is growing more complicated by the day. His one saving grace is his budding romance with Erica LaPlante, a light soul from another world in the form of his dream girl.

Erica is falling for Ted too, but she’s also keeping secrets from him to preserve her mission. As Ted, Erica and the rest of the team cope with the fallout from their battle against the dark souls, a new evil ascends on the town with the ability to control what they think, see and feel.

Erica’s secrets may hold the key to winning the battle but revealing them could sacrifice the war.


Score: 2.5/5

Unfortunately,  I didn’t like this book as much as the first one.

This book has the coolest villain so far. He’s powerful, he has something worth fighting for which makes him all that more dangerous, and he has an interesting back story. I really wish his back story would have been explored more, I was actually rooting for him. I cared more about him that any of the other characters. I hope his story continues in the other books.

I felt pretty annoyed with the other characters. First of all Jennifer, I’m just gonna go ahead and facepalm. It’s so…. stereotypical dumb-teenager stuff. I just honestly didn’t understand all that self loathing or guilt, or whatever was going on with her. I also felt the story concentrated too much on the romance between the characters. It’s just not my thing and I feel like if the romance wasn’t there, the story could have gone a different more badassy way.

I’m also a little confused about the way the book was written. There’s nothing wrong with the writing, but I feel like I was reading something for TV. Like I was reading a detailed transcript of one of my favorite old superhero shows’ episodes. Does that make sense? I even got the sense of cheesiness you would get from a Nickelodeon show about superheroes (think Supah Ninjas). I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s kinda fun actually, but I’m just not sure I like it that much.




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