[Review] S.H.A.D.O.W. webtoon



Webtoon: SHADOW (Super Human Assistance Department Office Workers) by yunuji and haejin

Score: 10/10

Have you ever wondered what happens after superheros and super villains fight? More importantly, who cleans up the mess?

SHADOW is comprised of humans and super humans. They work together to restore the destruction left behind by superhero vs villain battles. But what happens when villains attack them? Who will save them?

Yay! This is the first webtoon I’ve ever finished. I’ve read webtoons before, but have never finished them. This webtoon is only 12 chapters or “episodes” long, so it’s quite short which is a pity because it has so much potential!

The characters are not that unique. Actually, they’re a bit cliched. There’s the laid back, well liked main protagonist, the strict and badassy “older brother” type, the bratty but still cute little brother type, the go with the flow but is secretly totally badass type, the (hot) cool, mysterious one, and more. It’s simple, entertaining, and the artwork is good. The characters are interesting enough to have their own solid stories. I sincerely hope there is  a season two. This webtoon could be epic!

READ HERE! With official English translations.



10 thoughts on “[Review] S.H.A.D.O.W. webtoon

  1. This sounds pretty cool, and I’m glad to hear it’s like 12 eps. The art is nice! For some reason, this reminds me of another series. I have no idea how cause they’re not related that much.
    Have you seen miraculous ladybug yet?

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