How to Know If You Have ADHD by Ryan Higa

I was watching Ryan Higa aka nigahiga ‘s YouTube video “How to Know If You Have ADHD” for the umteenth time and I felt inspired to make this post.

First of all, I’m 99.99% sure that I don’t have ADHD, unless a mild case can be developed later in life. However, I found that I could relate to some of his examples. So, I thought it would be fun to list these similarities.

By the way, in no way am I trying to undermine the difficulties of having ADHD or ADD. Please don’t be offended.

What the video first!


  1. Forgetting someone’s name 5 seconds after you’ve met them – this happens to me all the time and I think it’s because I’m most likely thinking about something else. Greetings are so second nature that they don’t really require your full attention, but then my mind completely wonders off.  I know, rude!
  2. Reading and then forgetting everything you’ve just read – I think this happens to all of us. I think it’s because I’m concentrating so hard on reading the words that I don’t take time to actually process what I’m reading.
  3. Talking to someone and not paying attention to what they’re saying – I do this all the time too. And most of the time I’m trying to remember if I’m supposed to be making eye contact or if the “normal” thing to do is look down at their mouth. Then I start to wonder if it would just be better if I look at their nose area, but then, does that make me look cross eyed? I think the reason I’m somewhat confused on this is due to the cultural differences I’ve experienced. In some countries you’re supposed to make eye contact, in others that’s considered rude, and also, according to science, your eyes are naturally drawn to the person’s mouth as they speak.
  4. Sitting still – this one isn’t so bad anymore. I used to shake my leg a lot when I was a kid, but not so much anymore. However, if there’ something in front of me I’ll mostly likely end up playing with it, like a pencil or a rubber band etc. It’s like instinct, gotta keep my hands busy!
  5. Time traveling – I think we all do it.
  6. Reminding yourself to smile – This is pretty much me and social interactions. I’m always thinking SO HARD about the dumbest things. I start thinking about something I randomly remembered or I start imagining things and I get so distracted by my own thoughts that I completely stop listening to those around me. And it’s usually something silly like a monkey squirting its face with its own pee.
  7. Doing something while on the phone – First of all, I hate talking on the phone, and when I have to talk on the phone I’m either pacing back forth or moving things around pretending to clean. I can’t just sit and talk on the phone, I can’t. Most of the time I don’t realize I’ve been pacing back and forth until I start running out of breath.
  8. I really am more productive when I get closer to the deadline. I think the extra pressure squeezes out my creative juices and motivation.
  9. Having a lot of incomplete things – I do jump around, at the moment I have a lot of incomplete books, incomplete packing, incomplete TV shows, incomplete movies, and I can never seem to finish putting my clothes away.
  10. Every single thought leads to another thought – This is probably one of my favorite pass times. I like to consider myself as imaginative and I entertain myself by thinking. I think that this is the reason I do all the other things mentioned above. I’m just always thinking and imagining things.



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