The Oddbooks

So… I tried making my own rating icons. I’ve seen some of you with some pretty fancy looking rating icons so I wanted to try to make my own too. Plus, my username is rakioddbooks, why not actually make “oodbooks”?!I’m not sure if they’ll really work out though… also they have a lot of mistakes, but I kinda like them! This is probably the best artistic anything I’ve ever done lol.

Here they are in order from 1-5 stars. One has a quote the other one doesn’t but they’re the same. Not sure which is better, with or without? Also, not sure how they’ll look shrunk down, hmm….

1 star. It’s so bad, might as well just go out and play.

book 1 icon v2book 1 icon

2 stars. It was ok I guess. *sigh*

book 2 icon v2book 2 icon


3 stars. Yay this books was good! Better than the movie!

book 3 icon v2book 3 icon

4 stars. OMG this book is awesome!

book 4 icon v2book 4 icon

5 stars. This book was amazing! OMG I love amazing books! Need more!

(by the way, can you guess what the books on the bookcase are?)

book 5 icon v2book 5 icon


Hmm, I think the ones without the quotes would be better since you can’t see the quotes anyway.




21 thoughts on “The Oddbooks

  1. Oh wow. I am absolutely in love with all of these! My face was basically the 5-star Oddbook while scrolling through. Also… casting my votes in for no quote as well. Looks better in mini.

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  2. Haha that’s adorable. They will definitely work well with your blog. Hehe. They are pretty massive, so hopefully they look good when they are small too. Unless you plan on having them that giant. I like how 3 stars has the Chinese character for 3. šŸ˜€ Was that intentional?

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