[Random] Ouran High School Host Club AMV

Do you guys remember AMV’s? When I first started watching anime, making AMVs was like the thing to do among anime fans. Is it still a thing? Was it ever a thing?

The very first AMV I made was for the anime movie Le Petit Cossette and I used the song Hysteria by Muse. It took me like 8 hours to edit and I honestly thought it was pretty awesome. But of course once I uploaded it YouTube flagged it because of the song. Sad 😦 I was honestly proud because it was my first video and it felt so…muse-esque, but really the only thing I did was put clips in sequence and add some transitions but hey! I was proud. Sadly no one got to see it and now it’s lost forever ’cause I don’t think it was saved when my computer crashed.

The second AMV I made was for the anime Blade of the Immortal and the song I used was Ichirin No Hana Huge Hollow Mix by High and Mighty Color. This one I thought was pretty cool but I wasn’t as proud. This one got flagged as well, but I think it was because of the anime, I’m not sure.

The third and last AMV I made was for the Ouran High School Host Club anime and the song I used was Indie Rock Girl by TV/TV. This one has probably the worst quality but the song is pretty fitting. And this one wasn’t flagged so I’m sharing it with you!!

Didyou ever make AMVs? I would love to see them!


P.S. OMG I JUST FOUND THE FIRST ONE! OMG OMG OMG! But sadly I still can’t upload it.



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