Reading update and questions!

Hello everyone~

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but lately I’ve been posting a lot of “random” posts and hardly anything bookish. I have a reason for that! I was reading Rarity from the Hollow by Robert Eggleton and it’s so emotionally exhausting. It’s a really good book and I’m certainly enjoying it, but it makes you feel and think too much, so I decided to take a break from it and start The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. Long story short (too late) I haven’t finished any books to post about.

My question is, does it bother you when the blogs you follow for bookish reasons post non bookish things? Do you like it? Are you ok with it but prefer they wouldn’t?

I sort of want to post other things besides books, as much as I love books, sometimes I feel inspired to post other things. I’m just not sure if I should post it here or start a different blog.

What are your thoughts, opinions, advice?



  1. I’m totally ok with book bloggers posting about non-book things; I’ll probably click on those posts because they offer a nice change of pace and I get to know the blogger better! But it also depends on how often. If you plan on posting non-bookish things very regularly, having another blog might be a good idea, especially if you are trying to brand yourself as a book blogger. But if it’s only an occasional thing, I as a reader, think that is ok and actually good! (Though I am just one person with one opinion.) After all, your blog is your blog, and you can and should do whatever you want with it!

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  2. I’d totally be ok with book bloggers posting non bookish things occasionally. It’s an awesome way to get to know the person behind the blog. I’m thinking about starting a weekly thing to kind of ease into it. I think you should totally go for it!

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  3. I reserve Sundays for non-bookish things, though occasionally I will post something during the week. I don’t mind it when I see it. Have read some stuff indicating that you need to have stuff other than book reviews on your blog to help drive traffic and keep interest up because you never know what might catch someone’s eye.

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  4. i think bloggers should post whatever they want. It’s your choice as a reader to click on a certain post or not. I’m very biased, because I do have regular posts about music, tv, movies and traveling… as well as some random rants about life 🙂

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  5. I think bloggers should do whatever they want to do. If they want their blog to be only about their books, great. If they want to do a mixture of books and all their other interests, there’s no issue with that.

    I actually battled with this issue before on my last blog. I felt pressured to blog a certain way because I dictated my blog to be about X and Y. Eventually, I moved on to a new blog and designated it to be my personal blog so that I would feel less pressure to blog a certain way. I’m enjoying it a lot more now. 😀

    Hopefully that helps. 😀

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      • You can always find a cheaper alternative to photoshop, something like works. Or get the ps trial. There’s also a student special for photoshop cc, which is just 10 dollars a month.

        I would suggest using other means to obtain photoshop, but then again, that’s just the CPSC student inside me.

        You can also find someone with access to photoshop and ask them to make a banner for you. 😀

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      • Actually I have photoshop but my computer isn’t compatible. >_< I guess I should look into other programs like you said. Or maybe I should commission someone, I'm not artistically talented either. Hmm…


  6. To be honest, on most days I skip posts on book blogs that aren’t book related. Today was an exception, though. lol

    But I do understand if a blogger doesn’t feel inspired to or is unable to write book-related posts. I also understand that everyone reads at different paces, so I can’t expect book reviews every other day!

    At the end of the day, blog however you want, obviously. Your followers will stick around regardless. :]

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  7. Thanks. Please note that the early tragedy in Rarity from the Hollow feeds and amplifies subsequent comedy and satire. My novel was the first, perhaps the only, science fiction adventure to specifically predict the rise of Donald Trump to political power — parody with no political advocacy one side or any other. Readers find out how Lacy Dawn, the protagonist, convinced Mr. Rump (Bernie Sanders) to help talk Mr. Prump (Donald Trump) into saving the universe. The allegory includes pressing issues that are being debated today, including illegal immigration and the refuge crisis, an issue that several European commentators have compared to cockroach infestation; extreme capitalism / consumerism vs. domestic spending for social supports; sexual harassment…. Mr. Prump in my story was a projection of Donald Trump based on the TV show, The Apprentice. The counterpart, Mr. Rump, was based on my understanding of positions held by Bernie Sanders as I wrote the story. Part of the negotiations in the story occur in the only high rise on planet Shptiludrp (Shop Until You Drop), a giant shopping mall and the center of economic governance, now more easily identifiable as Trump Tower. The allegory was not addressed by ARC reviewers of the novel because so few people worldwide considered Donald Trump to be a serious political contender until the primary elections in the U.S. The political allegory in the novel is obvious now that Donald Trump has become a household name.

    I hope that you enjoy it.


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