Help! Fake book subscription box name?

Hi guys!

My friends and I have been doing our very own “fake” subscription box since October, but we don’t have a name! I don’t really like calling it a “fake” subscription box because although we’re not be automatically charged every month, but we do put a lot of thought and effort into choosing something awesome for each other. Therefore, I think it deserves a name!

You might be wondering why we don’t just gift each other an actual subscription box. Well, it’s because of shipping. International shipping is just too expensive. Also, this way we have more ways to find the cheapest price of a book. And, sometimes my friends prefer eBooks. We also do this every two months which I think is more fitting to our life styles and easier on our wallets.


So I was wondering if you could please help me came up with a name?

So far I’ve come up with The Secret Book Box and The Secret Book Club, but… yeah I don’t know. Do you have any suggestions? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you!

P.S. Name suggestions in Japanese or Spanish also welcome!

Also, names my friend and I have come up with so far:

The Secret Book Box

The Secret Book Club

Bikkuri Book Club (Bikkuri means surprise)

Bikkuri Book Box


The bookamie box

Whimsical Novels

Periculum Crate

?!?! Box

Fusion Tales/Box or Crate

Literary Space




13 thoughts on “Help! Fake book subscription box name?

  1. hmm here’s some generic ones for now. Based on literally nothing, but cool sounding stuff. (i like the bookamie suggestion from MyBookJacket)

    Whimsical Novels
    Periculum Crate
    ?!?! Box
    Fusion Tales/Box or Crate.

    Idk I’m trying to move away from the obvious box or crate in the name. for some reason I really like the name Uppercase. Haha. But that’s taken. It’s just really nice.

    Literary Space
    OddBooks – could call it that since your blog is named that, and you are the one sending it to your friend. Maybe they’ll be cool with this name?

    I would suggest names that fit both you and the other person’s personality, but i’ll need more info. Haha. LOl well throw enough names at the wall and maybe one of them will stick. haha.

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