[Random] 10 Reasons Martha Jones Is Awesome

Because I’m re-watching Doctor Who at the moment and the current companion is Martha. And yes! All this yes! Actually, the only character I didn’t like in this season was Martha’s mom and that’s because it felt like she was trying to keep Martha from going on these amazing adventures and reaching her full potential. Martha has never been a little girl in my eyes, she’s always been a woman capable of making her own decisions which is why her mother irritated me so much. Of course, I’m not saying her mother was wrong in worrying about her. She was 100% right, I just wish her attitude had been a little different.

Ars Marginal

I promised a Martha Jones salute in my intro post, and people seemed enthusiastic about it, so here it is!  (warning: Rose gets compared mildly unfavorably a few times, for those who would be bothered by that)

Martha Jones Looking Badass

I’ve recently been watching New Who with a friend (her first time through), and I’ve been struck even more strongly with how Martha has the best companion character arc in the entire series so far.  The best.  And this despite the show constantly and inexplicably treating her as second-class to Rose!  But one of the greatest things about Martha is that in the final tally, how the Doctor treats her isn’t the most important part of her life, because unlike a lot of the other companions, Martha is so much more than her period of traveling with the Doctor.  She’s not defined by him.  After traveling with him—even before traveling with him—she’s got…

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