My thoughts on autographed books

I was reading a Goodreads’ post “15 Ways to Impress a Book Lover” when I came across #13


and I found myself thinking, “Really? Why?” Personally, autographed books you can buy at the store don’t hold much meaning to me since I didn’t actually meet the author. To me, the experience is what makes the autograph important and special, not so much the autograph itself.

I don’t own any autographed books, but I do own many autographed CDs both ones where I met the artist and ones where I purchased the album already with the autograph.  I never really look at the albums again, but I do remember the experiences from time to time. For me it’s all about the experience of having met my favorite artist.  Usually ,the reasons I buy pre autographed albums are just to have them, to support the artist, or to sell them.

That being said, if a friend were to give me an autographed book or CD or anything, it would certainly be exciting and meaningful and one of the most valuable things I owned.

So I wonder, do you buy autographed books? What meaning do they have for you? Have you gotten a book autographed personally?  If you’ve done both, do they have different meanings for you or are they equally special?


6 thoughts on “My thoughts on autographed books

  1. I buy the signed copies if they are the same price as the other copies because I just think why not? hehe. I think it’s kinda neat, but not really special in any way.
    I have some signed books from authors I have met in person and they are pretty special to me because it reminds me of the fun I had that day, getting to talk to the authors I fangirl over. lol

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  2. We don’t sell autographed books here in my country and it sucks 😥 but if I have the chance, I’ll probably prefer to get my books signed by the author when I meet her/him myself 😀

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  3. I’m not normally bothered if my books isn’t signed by the author, but I do own one book that’s signed, and it’s one of my favourite authors so I love it. I think it’s something to do with the idea that the specific book I own was once in my favourite authors hands, and now I have it. I don’t know. I’ve never met an author myself, but I know if I went to a meet-up/signing I’d love a book to be signed, because it’d be a reminder of the day 🙂

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  4. I have a mix of signed books that I purchased and others I got signed directly by meeting the author. The ones I got signed from the author definitely have more meaning behind them because, as you said, I tie them with a memory or experience. However, I still really enjoy finding and buying pre-signed copies – especially if you are at a used book sale or store and it is a little surprise! That’s always a good feeling.


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