[Review] Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick


Two boys – a slow learner stuck in the body of a teenage giant and a tiny Einstein in leg braces – forge a unique friendship when they pair up to create one formidable human force. A wonderful story of triumph over imperfection, shame, and loss. – Goodreads

Writing (world building, characters, style, etc.):

I don’t know where to begin, I’m still a little emotional over this book. I don’t think I’ve ever met a character more alive in my reading life! Kevin aka Freak is just so full of life. He knows what living is all about and he doesn’t let his disability stop him, not one second. Everyone is afraid of Max aka Kicker aka the legs of Freak the Mighty, he’s slow, too big and looks too much like his father. But Max is just a boy and through Max we learn one of the oldest of lessons, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”.

I had a little bit of trouble with the first couple of pages of this book. The narrative is stream of consciousness so it took a couple of pages of getting used to. However, I think it’s important that the book is written in this form as we get a better understanding of Max.

Did I learn anything? Did it make me think? 

I felt a little inspired to live life better. Not that I have a bad life or that I’m not happy. I just think I should try to live life “better”.

It made me think about how I’m living life. Am I living to the fullest or am I just slugging by?

Overall feelings: 

If you haven’t read this book and you find you have some spare time or aren’t too sure what to read next, I recommend this book. It’s only 160 pages, but you’ll go on more adventures than you can expect.

Score: book 5 icon

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