[Fangirling] Shadowhunters TV Show


So, I started watching the Shadowhunters TV show and got all caught up in 2 days! You might be thinking, “So?”, well this is big for me. It’s been YEARS like many years since I last watched a current show. Also, I have commitment issues and tend to start shows but never finish them.

I decided to watch the show before reading the books. I have a feeling, based on the trailer, that if I watched the show after reading the books, I wouldn’t like it much.

So far it’s alright. It’s not amazing and sometimes the acting is a bit awkward, but it’s not bad. I’m enjoying it. Also, Alec is beautiful, like hot damn! He’s hot. I think the biggest reason I’ll continue watching the show is because I want to know what happens with Alec and Magnus.

I was a little surprised at how sexualized Izzy is. Is she like that in the books? I just sort of assumed that it was geared towards a younger audience being ABC Family and all, but now I realize that it’s rated 16+.

Have you watched the show? What are your thoughts?


11 thoughts on “[Fangirling] Shadowhunters TV Show

  1. I love the show. Alec and Magnus are the best! While I was previously a big fan of the books, I now realise how problematic they are, and the show actually removes a lot of the problematic aspects of the book, and gives so much time to Alec, Magnus and Izzy, whereas in the book they had virtually no time at all and were very much background characters (which annoyed me as alongside Simon, they’re my faves). And actually, Izzy is just as sexualized (if not more) in the books, is slut-shamed and bitched about by Clary, and all of that is worse as she is only 16 in the books and is obviously older in the show.

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  2. I’m watching the show now. I admit, I do find the acting somewhat awkward in places, but I really do want to know what happens on the relationship front between Malec and Clace.

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