[Review] Grimm House by Karen McQuestion


“What is this place?” Hadley asked, looking around the dark paneled entryway.

“This is our home,” Aunt Charmaine said. “Welcome to Grimm House.”

When Hadley’s parents leave on a cruise and then are reported lost at sea, her perfect world is turned upside down. In a flash she is whisked away to a new life of drudgery at Grimm House where she waits on not one but two persnickety old aunts. As she grudgingly fulfills their commands of cooking, cleaning, and even after-dinner-dancing, she comes to suspect the aunts are really witches who are scheming to take the thing she loves best.

With only her wits and the help of some unlikely new friends, Hadley makes a plan to escape Grimm House and find her way home before it’s too late. -Goodreads

Writing (world building, characters, style, etc.):

I don’t really have much to say, it was a good middle grade book. Good writing, good style, excellent descriptions, and interesting characters. I really liked the way the author described things. It was all so easy to visualize and it was easy for me to immerse myself in the story.

I liked how things came together in the end, I love endings like that.

Did I learn anything? Did it make me think? 

I don’t know if this was the author’s intention, but this book reminded me that sometimes people do good things for others without expecting anything in return. I was taught that when you do something for others you shouldn’t expect something in return. That you should do something for others out of the kindness of your heart. However, growing up changed that. Before I  realized, I was living in a world where people expected something in return for their “donations” (shakes head). That’s not what donation means people! Sadly, on the rare occasions someone offers to do something for me, instead of feeling glad that someone is willing to help me or do something for me, I feel suspicious and  I wonder what it is they want from me. *sigh*

Overall feelings: 

This was a fun, quick, middle grade read. The story and characters were interesting and I actually wish there was a sequel.

Score: book 3 icon



  1. I keep seeing this book everywhere lately. It sounds like the sort of book I’d have loved when I was younger. Although since I’ve read some middle grade books at the age I am now, I’d still be tempted to try it one day. Great review! 🙂

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