I’m back…for the time being!

Hi guys! After 3 awesome years and a super amazing month I’m finally back home in California. Yay! I don’t know what else to say other than yay!

I’m using my deacade old (yup, not even joking) laptop and it’s being a butt so I can’t do much at the moment.

I finally got to open my books! I tried to record this epic unboxing but that was a disaster. Not only was the camera at an awful angle, it stopped a couple of times and I didn’t even notice. So that didn’t work 😦

I also got two more bookshelve and I spent the first two days organizing my books and K-pop albums. I’m not 100% finished though, there are some books and albums that haven’t arrived from Korea yet. They’re so beautiful you guys. Not as pretty as the Booktuber ones because paperbacks come in all shapes and sizes and hardly anything looks uniform, but they’re so pretty. *tears of joy* So now I have two bookshelves for actual books, and 1 for music albums.

And now, for my reading update, during the month I spent traveling I read a whooping total of 10 pages!  :’D  Yeah, there was just no time and during the long flights I didn’t read because my brain was usually too tired. Night travel kinda sucks. The only time I read was on my flight back to L.A and that was because it was during the day and I was wide awake. But enough excuses!

I’m happy to be back and I can’t wait ’til I finish unpacking and organizing so I can start reading again.

Not sure how long I’ll be back for though, I still have to go to Mexico.


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