Super Quick Bookshelf Tour

Hi guys! I recorded (with my phone) a super quick bookshelf tour. I guess it’s more of an overview? Anyway, here it is. And I know! That last shelf, awful, but I have no more room T_T .



13 thoughts on “Super Quick Bookshelf Tour

  1. Nice intro for the video! I like how cute it was. Airplanes are so whimsical. Ahh we have similar manga reading habits. Haha Cept I have a bit more manga from Tokyo Pop then you do. I love your bookshelf tour so much! Nice wood on the shelves, where did you get the bookcase from?

    Also I really like the spirited away pop up theater thing(?) where did you find one of that? Spirited Away is one of my favourite movies. Do you have an organization system to your shelves? I have the top two shelves filled with my TBR books, then the rest is just alphabetical by author’s last name. I am tempted to sort by size, but that’ll make finding novels on my bookcase harder. I have no idea how other booktubers and bloggers find books when they sort it by colour/size.

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    • Thank you! I bought the bookcases at Walmart! Super cheap too! The first one I’ve had for almost a decade and it’s still looking good. I bought the Spirited Away popup thingie in Korea. I think it was at a store called Art Box and they had a Ghibli section. Spirited Away is one of my favorite movies ever too! When I first watched it I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so many important messages and stuff. As for how I organize my books, I have arranged them according to size. Since paperbacks are all different shapes and sizes I wanted to have some sort of uniformity so it would look a bit nicer. Then one top shelf is my Harry Potter shelf and the other top shelf is my read manga shelf. Read and unread books are all mixed up, since I can vaguely remember where my books are so they’re not too hard to find. I do try to keep books by the same author together though! I think as I slowly read more of them I’ll organize read books on one side and unread on the other.

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      • Ooh nice! and awesome, I got a few friends at Korea currently, I’ll have to ask them if they can pick me up one of those boxes.

        Yes! Have you watched the commentary on Spirited Away and what themes the movies talks about? It was on the second disc of the 2 disc dvd. I loved watching those extras a lot as a child. I found the production of the movie to be fascinating and I loved to hear Hayao Miyazaki talk about the character development for Chihiro.

        It sometimes bothers me when paperbacks come in all sorts of sizes. :C it makes organizing the bookcases tricky.

        Once you decide to reorganize your bookcases, you should do another tour. πŸ˜€

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      • I haven’t watched the commentary, I don’t own the dvd, but I googled a bit! By the way, maybe you’ve watched it, but if you’re ever in the mood for something short and amazing (~25 mins long) I highly recommend Kakurenbo. I don’t know how I found it but I shared it with my Japanese Pop culture class and my teacher really liked it. I hope she still shares it with her classes.

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