[Review] Vampire Academy Review



Writing (world building, characters, style, etc.):

I’m just going to go a head and say it, I don’t like Rose. She’s the type of character I’ve never liked. I just can’t relate nor do I like her type of attitude. Why does she have to be rude, disrespectful, bitchy, and aggressive? I know she’s supposed to be badass and wild and strong etc, but rude and bitchy doesn’t equal awesome. She’s not all bad of course, she’s an amazing friend, but I just couldn’t relate to her. I really hope her character is developed more in later books. I think this is a case of bad first impressions. I can see the potential of her becoming one of my favorite characters, just not right now.

Over all the book was well written, the style and pace was easy to get into. I found myself losing track of time, which hadn’t happened in a long time. However, there were several mistakes that somewhat ruined the momentum. It was nothing major, but I did notice them.

Did I learn anything? Did it make me think? 

Now that I’ve read the book, I can honestly say that I liked the movie just as much as the book. Maybe it’s because I watched it first, but if it hadn’t been for the movie I would have probably never developed an interest for the book.

I think it’s interesting that they talked about depression in a vampire book, though I don’t really have any strong feelings about how it was executed in the story. Also, does Rose have a drinking problem? Abandonment issues? Or is she being a “typical” teenager. If she’s supposed to represent your typical teenager, that bothers me. Not all teenagers are reckless, get drunk, and have sex at parties. I feel like we should give them more credit. I also don’t think books and the media in general should be normalizing this type of behavior. Underage drinking and drug use are a problem. I also have a problem with slut shaming and though I think it was handled OK in the book, a more realistic and less convenient solution or outcome would have been nice.

Overall feelings: 

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and I hope to continue the series. I also really hope for a sequel to the movie. I really enjoyed the movie 😛

Score: 4/5book 4 icon


  1. I read and enjoyed the series years ago, but I’ve never seen the movie. I’ll add that to my to-do list!

    “However, there were several mistakes that somewhat ruined the momentum. It was nothing major, but I did notice them.”

    I’d be curious to know what those mistakes were, or what type of mistakes in general. Unless they’re so minor that you don’t really remember them, which happens to me a lot. 🙂

    Great review! Now I want to go back and reread the series. 😀

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    • Yay! I hope you like the movie. They were small mistakes like misspelled words, missing small words, extra words, I think maybe the wrong tense once. Nothing too big though. I really hope my library has the second book! Also, thank you!

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      • Now that you mention it, I’d purchased the last book in a series in ebook form, and there were so many outrageous spelling errors throughout that I emailed the publishing company with a complaint. It totally ruined my ability to get immersed in the story. I’m 99% certain it was this series.

        How do books get published like that? It’s awful.

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      • Oh, that’s interesting! I’ve only read a handful of ebooks, so I didn’t know that’s a common ebook problem. That surprises me; I would’ve thought publishers would be just as careful with their ebooks as their physical books. Huh.

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