[Review] Remembering Raquel by Vivian Vande Velde



I’m not sure if should write this review now or if I should wait until I’ve thought more about it. I literally finished this book seconds ago. I’m pretty emotional right now, so much that I’m not follow my usual review format.

First of all the reason I decided to pick up this book because it had my name in it and I thought that was kind of neat. I had never seen a book title with my name in it before.

In this book the protagonist, Raquel, has passed away and each chapter is dedicated to how her death has affected her family, friends, classmates and other who barely knew her. Raquel was what you would consider “invisible”. Most of her classmates didn’t know her and she only had one friend. Yet, at the end of the book we learn how in some way or another we are connected to those around us.

The best thing about this book is how real the characters are and how honest they are portrayed. We may not want to hear it, but not everyone cares that you or your loved one has passed away. And that is just how it is.

Perhaps the scariest thing about this book is how all our actions, as insignificant and unrelated as they may seem, have consequences. All the “What if’s” and “If only’s” I found myself thinking throughout this book were frankly heart breaking. Even though the chapters were short I felt I got to know Raquel, and I found myself tearing up at the thought that she was dead and I had lost a friend.

I definitely recommend this book, it’s pretty short, well written and packs a punch. It might affect you differently than it did me, but I fell we can all get something out of it.


Score: 5/5 book 5 icon


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