[Tag] The Blogger Recognition Award

I would like to thank DrAwkto from The Inky Awkto for nominating me. Thank you!! Check out her blog, super awesome fun stuff over there. Not to mention that her advice is really good. Some, I’m still working on!




Write a post to show your award

Give a brief story of how your blog started

Give two advice to new bloggers

Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog

Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to


How my blog started:

The reason I started blogging was because I wanted to practice being more articulate, and what better way than talking about the things I love. Previous to this blog, I had created two other ones, but they never lasted because I wasn’t motivated. I don’t like writing and just don’t if I can avoid it haha. However, the book community is really fun, and when it comes to reading and books I feel like I always have something to say.

Advice #1: Use different media

I think it’s important for a blog to have variety. Not just in topics, but also in the media used. Pictures, videos, text only, music, etc. It doesn’t have to be every post, but once in a while can be good. It’ll add variety and it’ll keep your readers interested, it’s like a nice little treat. It’s especially nice if you share a little about yourself or your daily life outside of your usual blog topics. As silly as it sounds, I like knowing that I’m reading the thoughts and opinions of a real person with a multitude of likes and dislikes, hobbies and special talents, etc.

Advice #2: Keep it short

Perhaps this is just my personal taste, but I think keeping your posts short and concise is the best way to go.  Though there are exceptions, people don’t generally go to blogs to read essays nor do we really like too spend too much time on one post when we have others to read. Personally, I rarely fully read blog posts that are over 5 paragraphs long. I don’t have the time nor the patience to do so. I scan for what I’m looking for and read just that. I’m more likely to read a post in its entirety if it’s short. I think we all want people to read everything we had to say about what it is we talked about, so why not make it easier for our readers to do so? If your post  needs to be long why not add a picture, that helps make your point and cut back on what you would have had to type, instead?


Sorry! I don’t have 15 bloggers to nominate, mostly because they’ve already done it.

However, I would like to nominate  fellow book blogger, Sam at RiverMoose-Reads. She was one of the first bloggers that I started following and also started following me. So I’m very interested in hearing about her blog’s history and her advice. I feel like maybe we’ve grown together in some way. Or maybe it’s just me and this is totally awkward.


  1. Ahh! like the post! I love the backstory of your blog. Then again I think this was answered a few times before, so I knew about you already. Hehe. I really love your advice though. That’s very true. Utilizing other media is soo important. Humans are visual creatures, therefore, other multimedia objects are helpful. 😀

    I totally agree with you on the short posts. I hate reading long ass essays on whether or not a novel was good. Haha another rant basically. But I’ve been trying to take my own advice. I make sure my reviews aren’t too long. And if they are, I look at what I can cut out so it’s more concise for others to read. No one wants to read an entire retelling of a novel as a review. they rather read the novel. LOL

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