What should I read next?

Hi guys!

Some time ago I was inspired by BookTuber Wish Fulfillment to try a new way to choose what to read next. I never know what to read next, and choosing a book sometimes actually keeps me from reading. I just don’t know what to choose so I keep putting it off. Anyway, I really liked her idea of wrapping up her books in gift wrapping paper, different papers for different genres, and then asking people to choose a shelf number and book number for her to read. That sounds like a lot of fun, it’s a bit like “a date with a book” and unwrapping things is always so much fun.

I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures to show, but I’m just too tired. I’ve spent the last two days just wrapping up my books. I could wait to make this post and take pictures, but I want to post it now, while I’m excited about it.

I used 5 different wrapping papers to divide my books:

Blue wrapping paper = Books I’m most excited about

Pink wrapping paper = Books I’m most excited about (I read out of blue paper so I used pink)

Flower wrapping paper = Contemporary and Non-fiction

Black wrapping paper = Series

Donuts wrapping paper = everything else

And I divided them into 4 shelves

Shelf 1 has 37 books

Shelf 2 has 67 books

Shelf 3 has 36 books

and Shelf 4 has 22 books

Now, here comes the fun part! You can decide what I read next!


Please choose a shelf number and a book number. For example, shelf 2- book 5.

Then I grab the book you chose for me, do a little unwrapping video and show you what I got!

Doesn’t that sound fun?! I think it sounds awesome!!

Please choose a book for me to read in the comments!! I think I will unwrap 5 at a time, read those, then ask you to please choose some more.

Here is Sylwia’s wrapping video, please check it out! Also, please check out her mini reviews. Even though I think our tastes in books are very different I really enjoy listening to her reviews and opinions. She was my very first BookTuber, too!


And this is her latest book unwrapping video.


Thank you for helping me choose!



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