[Review] Good Luck Vol. 1-5 by E-Jin Kang


Shi-Hyun is the girl who brings nothing but bad luck–at least that’s what everyone believes. In some ways, Shi-Hyun herself is convinced of this and tries to stay away from the people she loves the most. As a result, she has developed this outer shell, making her look tough and indifferent even with the constantly bullying. But when she transfers to a new high school, a new start brings new characters–and new challenges–into her life.


I don’t have much to say about this manhwa. I loved the first two volumes. I was engaged and emotionally attached to the characters. However, in the last three volumes the main protagonist’s indecisiveness irritated me a little. I think I somewhat understood what the author was going for, but it wasn’t done very well. I suppose it could also be because some things were lost in translation, but I think over all it was a little rushed and some critical information was just suddenly thrust upon you. And even though it was critical and explained some things, it almost seemed out of place and felt a little too unbelievable.

I do recommend this series because at some points the protagonist felt very honest and realistic in her reactions to things. Over all, this series was enjoyable and the artwork is pretty.

Score: 3.5

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