Liebster Award


Hi guys!

I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by Jessie at Bound To Be Me. Thank you so much for nominating me, and thank you for doing a buddy read with me! First time ever!! So exciting! If you want to know more about her and or like running and books, please check out her blog!

First things first, here are the rules:

  • Thank the blog that nominated you and recognize their blog
  • Nominate 5- 10 bloggers you admire by tagging them in a blog post 
  • Create a blog post answering the 10 questions you were asked by the person who nominated you
  • Put a list of the rules in your post
  • Give 10 random facts about yourself
  • Ask 10 questions for your nominees 
  • Add the Liebster Award badge to your post/blog


10 Random Facts:

  1. I love cats! They’re so cute!
  2. I have saved a cat’s life before. Not an exaggeration.
  3. I’m cynical.
  4. I have 160 something unread books on my shelves.
  5. I no longer have the patience for TV shows or movies, I prefer the short videos on YouTube.
  6. I’m not a festive person, not even Christmas. I love Christmas for all the wrong reasons (presents), but I’m not the type to decorate or make a special dinner or anything like that.
  7. Unlike what television wants you to believe, not all little girls dream of their weddings and sweets 16s. I never did.
  8. I don’t like chocolate as much anymore. I almost…don’t…like it. I KNOW! It’s so weird! I used to love it, but sometimes changed a few years ago and now I don’t.
  9. If I go too long without giving my brain proper exercise, I start having trouble focusing, understanding what I read, and understanding directions and context. I can literally feel myself getting stupid!!
  10. I can’t remember the last time my brain actually felt rested. Even while I sleep my brain just keeps working and working. But I think reading before bed and falling asleep to my own, made up, stories/fantasies helps.

Questions to answer!

Describe a recent nightmare and do you think it means anything?

Ah! I don’t remember what it was about. I do remember that it wasn’t really a nightmare, but it was an unpleasant dream and it left a bad feeling.

What’s a goal you hope to achieve?

I want to buy a house.

Regardless of responsibilities, time, money, etc. If you could go anywhere and do anything right this moment, what/where would it be?

I would like to go to Iceland. I want to explore and see the Northern Lights.

What book would you recommend that is a must read for this summer?

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Seriously, read it now before someone spoils it!!!

If you could take a pill like in the movie/tv show Limitless, without any negative side effects, what would you do or try to accomplish before the pill stopped working? Remember, you only have 24 hours before the pill wears off.

That depends, do I get to keep the knowledge I gained while on the pill? If not, then I don’t think I would take it in the first place. Everything I would want to do would require me to keep the knowledge or keep taking the pill.

What is one thing you look for in other blogs before you decide to follow them?

What kind of blog is it? And do they use the “continue reading” tag. I don’t want to have to scroll through pages just to get to the next post.

If you could travel back in time and give your younger self advice, what time would you travel to and what advice would you give?

I would tell myself to study harder in uni. Yup, that’s it. Also, apply to study abroad my second year at uni not the last.

 What is your favorite dish/food you like to make?

I hate cooking. I really do. I hate how much time is spent cooking and eating. Which is ironic because I’m fat, so you’d think “oh she loves to eat”. But I really don’t. I just eat unhealthy and don’t exercise.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I would like to become more motivated, to feel passionate about something.

If you could ask your pet three things, what would they be? And for those who don’t have pets, same question but if you could ask your house/rental.

I would ask it if it feels pretty and well taken care of. And if it minds the gofers.

And that is it for me! I feel like my facts and answers weren’t really fun and bubbly and happy. But at this moment I felt like being a little more… I don’t know. It’s past 12am and I’m a little tired. Which brings me to my next point. *Ahem* I won’t be nominating people. To be honest, I haven’t been paying too much attention to my reader. I don’t have as much time as before and the posts I do read I read them from my email. I’m sorry! Also, and this is probably the biggest reason, I don’t really understand the purpose of these awards. They feel a lot like tags and I’m not big on tags. I know I sound awful and ungrateful, but it’s not like that! I’m so grateful someone likes my blog and reads what I post, thank you so much!!


3 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. The Northern Lights would be amazing!! I’m not so sure about the cold but the view would be worth it! I don’t know how you don’t like chocolate. That is one thing I really miss right now, dark chocolate. Loved your answers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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