[Review] The Exiled Seven by Blake Renworth


When Alariq is exiled from Ishtara for a crime he did not commit, only six stand by his side. Now the seven dwarfs must find a place to call home. However, homelessness is the least of their problems as they must trek through dangerous territory and soon encounter terrible enemies. Alariq’s emotional turmoil only adds to the difficulty of their journey as he comes to terms with his exile and the constant fear that his companions might soon regret their decision to stand by his side.

Things turn for the better when a mysterious stranger saves their lives. However, soon after, ideas start to clash and the dwarves’ resolve begin to waver.

Writing (world building, characters, style, etc.):

First of all, I would like to thank Inglenook Publishing for reaching out and offering me a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Once I realized this was a Snow White re-telling focused on the seven dwarfs, I. JUMPED.ON.THAT! Another exciting thing about this book and review is that this was my very first buddy read! My buddy of reading? Reading buddy was Jessie from Bound To Be Me. Please check out her review!

I really enjoyed the style of this book. A lot of detail was provided without it being overwhelming or confusing. The characters were likeable and the dynamics between the characters and their friendship was very enjoyable to read. Perhaps my favorite aspect of this book were the themes of friendship, loyalty, and trust. Also, there was no romance. There were perhaps the signs of a budding romance, but nothing more than that.

And let’s not forget that this book was action packed!

Did I learn anything? Did it make me think? 

This book made me think about betrayal. What it can do to a person and how it changes them. It also made me think about loyalty and the responsibility that comes with it. You may not have asked for someone’s loyalty, but the fact they’re by your side not only deserves your gratitude it also means you are now responsible for their well being.  That’s something interesting to think about.

Overall feelings: 

Despite all the good things I’ve mentioned there were something things that really affected my rating. I found the first few pages of the book to be a little repetitive. I think the author was trying to emphasize Alariq’s status as the alpha-dwarf, but I found this to be unnecessary as we had already been told that Alariq was the commander of the dwarf army. Not to mention that the other dwarves had already proven their loyalty to him by standing by him even though it meant they too would be exiled from Ishtara.

Another thing that made the book a bit less enjoyable was the lack of events that advanced, what I think is, the overall plot. A lot of things happened. A lot of exciting and fun to read things happened, but I somethings found myself hoping we could just move a long and reach a conclusion.

And finally, I was not emotionally attached to any of the characters. As likeable as they were, they were all just too perfect. Perfect soldiers, perfect archers, too wise, too understanding, too mysterious. I felt a bit indifferent towards the characters and toward the book over all.

This is by no means a bad book, but I wish it would have had a bigger impact on me. I honestly think that book two will be amazing as some of the mysteries start to unfold and we get more answers, but at this point in time I don’t fell too inclined to continue the series.

Score: 3/5

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  1. […] I had the privilege to read this book along side rakioddbooks. I haven’t done a buddy read in a while and I miss it! It was so much fun being able to discuss details of the book that you can’t really talk about in fear of saying too much or spoiling the plot. If you are interested in doing a buddy read, I would love to do another one. In the meantime, check out her review for this books here. […]

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