I done goofed guys!

Last month or so I bought some Doctor Who comics. I bought a lot actually, like, too many. There were some issues missing in between but I thought to myself, “I can just buy them online, no biggie.” Well, turns out I bought Doctor Who Adventures YEAR TWO. I knew it was year two, but to be honest I assumed it was going to be a new companion, brand new stories etc. And while a new story does start, I think the companion is from YEAR ONE. Which means I’ve missed their entire history. Not only that, I didn’t even start the series with issue #1, I started with issue #2. I don’t think I missed much since I understood the story pretty well anyway. So, that wasn’t really an issue.

The thing is that I don’t know anything about this companion and so far I’m not emotionally invested which just ruins the fun. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy the comic which stinks because I have like 10 other issues to read *sigh* and I spent a lot of money. So I guess this is buyer’s regret?

So now I have force myself to read Doctor Who. It pains me to say it like that because I love Doctor Who, but these comics man… I’m just not enjoying them (which is unfair to say I realize since I’ve only read the one issue, but I was so excited so I guess I’m also disappointed).

On a more positive note, look at this cover! *swoon*



Are you a fan of Doctor Who? Who is your doctor? Do you remember your first episode?


P.S. I guess I’m kinda back into reading and blogging? Maybe?


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