Atomic Number Sixty (Sixty Minute Reads Book 1) by Dave Johnston


Holly Holloway is locked in a dusty room, strapped to a ticking bomb.

What would you do, if you only had one hour left to live?”


Get the book free on Amazon Dec. 11 – Dec. 15th

Writing (world building, characters, style, etc.):

Sixty Minute Reads Book 1 is exactly as the title suggests, a book designed to be read in about an hour. The book has 60 chapters, with each chapter meant to take the reader about 1 minute to read. As someone who loves short books and short chapters, I really enjoyed the style of this book. I also liked the use of different timelines counting down to the last few seconds in the protagonist’s life.

There wasn’t a lot of world or character building since the book is so short but the pace and overall story were very exciting. I was also very satisfied with the ending and I hope the sequels have a similar tone.

Did I learn anything? Did it make me think? 

It certainly made me think about what I would do if I only had one hour left to live while strapped to a bomb. I honestly couldn’t come up with an answer. I’m just not sure if I would  fight for my life or if it would all seem hopeless and I would be too afraid to do anything.

Overall feelings:

I liked this 60 minutes book. It was exciting to read. The reason I’m giving it a 4/5 and not a perfect score is because there were a couple of chapters I skipped because they didn’t feel important to the over all story and I just didn’t want to read them.

Score: 4/5

Get the book free on Amazon Dec. 11 – Dec. 15th

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