To BookLover121

Hi Booklover121,

I just saw the message you sent me this morning, asking for tips on starting a blog. I tried replying to your message, but your email doesn’t work. So I’ll post my reply here in hopes that you see it.

Well, I think a good way to attract attention is to start by posting often in the beginning, until you work out a schedule that you’re really comfortable with and that your readers become familiar with. Book hauls and reading wrap ups usually grab the most attention.It’s a good idea to join groups on Goodreads that allow you to post your blog links.In terms of content I think it’s a good idea to also post non-bookish things. Maybe a movie review, or a special event, or maybe something else you’re interested in.
You should also participate in Tags, even if you’re not tagged. Just remember to link back to the blog were you saw the tag. Leaving comments also exposes your blog.
If you have artistic talents, maybe incorporate those into your blog.
Those are some of the things I would suggest. I hope they’re of some use to you!”


Well, I hope you see this!

Anyone else have any suggestions? Thank you!



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