Goodbye 2016! You weren’t as terrible as I first thought.

Now that I think about it, 2016 wasn’t too bad for me. The second half of the year was so sucky that I completely forgot the awesomeness that was the first half. I mean I got to live a life long dream, I traveled some of Europe and Thailand! How cool is that?! I was feeling so down about my employment situation that I completely forgot all the fun things I did earlier in the year.

Even the second half wasn’t too horrible.

I bought a car. Although, to be honest, I didn’t really want to buy a car but it was a necessity. At least it’s a pretty cute car and I like it so that’s good.

I also got a new job…. AT A LIBRARY! Guys, I’m surrounded by books all day!!! Sure, I don’t get to just read all day but I certainly do get to read. I was even encouraged to take a book for those slow moments. Yes!!!! However, it’s just part time so I need to find a second job ASAP.

I also lost 9 pounds. Which doesn’t sound much but considering how I gained about 20 making me even more obese, 9 is good.

So yeah, I guess overall it was an OK year.

How was your 2016?



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