[Mini Review] A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Miserable Mill by Lemony Snicket


Life for the Baudelaire children just keeps getting worse. Count Olaf is still at large and after the Baudelaire inheritance, Mr. Poe is still completely incompetent, and the children are yet again placed in the care of someone they don’t even know. To make matters worse, their new guarding doesn’t treat them like children, much less family. He treats them like employees, employees that get paid in coupons and get gum for lunch.

Unlike the previous 3 books, I felt like this book was a little less satisfying. I felt like this book left too many questions unanswered and some of the events were a little, ridiculous – for  a lack of a better word – even for this series. I did enjoy that there were more “bad guys” in this book, and I wish we had been told a little bit more about them.

It’s refreshing that Lemony Snicket doesn’t pull punches when it comes to unfortunate events in his series. This book had some doozies and I loved them!

Also, I finished the A Series of Unfortunate Events TV show a few minutes ago, and it was awesome!! 10/10 will continue watching.

4/5 will continue reading!


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