[Manga] The Devil is Part-Timer Vol. 3,4,5


Previously on The Devil is Part-Timer (dun dun):

After being defeated by the Hero Emilia, the Devil King has no choice but to leave Ente Isla and escape to another world. He and his trusty general, Alciel, end up in modern Tokyo. Powerless and penniless, the Devil King, now known as Maou Sadao, has no choice but to get a job at a fast food restaurant while Alciel, now known as Ashiya, stays home as the homemaker. To make things worse the Hero Emilia, now known as Yusa Emi, has followed them into this new world still vowing to destroy him.

Months have passed, both parties have adjusted to life in modern Tokyo, and while Emi still plans to destroy the Overlord some day, she figures she can just keep an eye on him for the time being. No point in killing him while he’s powerless, she’s the hero after all. However, when both of them are attacked in public causing major destruction and maybe even some deaths, they decide to – grudgingly – work together and unmask their attacker.


24819538 Volume 3: A new tenant has moved in next to Maou and Ashiya. To their surprise it’s a girl dressed in traditional Japanese clothing with a rather antiquated vocabulary. To their joy however, she provides them with food which helps with their sad financial problems. Who is this new tenant, is she a friend or foe?

As with my previous complaints, the translation is a little weird sometimes, but it does seem to be getting better. At least, I don’t notice it as much. I think this might have been my least favorite volume so far. It was a little boring, not much happened, but I guess it’s because I’ve seen the anime and this volume followed it almost exactly.

Score: 3.5/5

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Volume 4 &5: I won’t summarize these volumes as to avoid spoilers, so I’ll just share my thought sand feelings on it.

Woo!! The manga has caught up to the anime and I’m really excited to read volume 6. Volume 6 will be the start of something new, perhaps a new story line, new arc, new characters maybe.

Volumes 4&5 were very true to the anime. There were a little more “bigger” differences than in previous volumes, but nothing too big. And as with previous volumes, some of the extra details explained some things that happened in the anime, better.

By the way, to my understanding the anime is based on the light novels, and the manga came after the anime and it’s also based on the light novels. This is why I keep referencing the manga to the anime, not only did I watch the anime first, the manga came after the anime as well.

Score: 5/5 each volume

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