[Game] So I’ve been playing Mystic Messenger


If you play Otome games, then you’ve probably heard about this game. I sort of randomly found it while looking for a different game and initially thought it was another one of those ticket based visual novels where you have to wait 4 hours to get one ticket. Gosh I hate those games – I’m currently playing 3  of them – and how they practically force you to do the “Tapjoy” thing for points and spend money.

To my delight, Mystic Messenger is nothing like that. I find it rather unique in how it takes advantage of the fact that it’s a mobile game.  Basically, the game is designed to simulate a chatting app. It includes a photo album, email, “friend” profiles, chatrooms, messenger, and a call function. It’s really cool!



The story:

One day you’re minding your own business, downloading some apps, when you receive a text message from a mysterious stranger with the handle “Unknown”. They tell you that they found a cellphone at the train station, but that it seems to be broken. The only thing they could access was this app (the app you downloaded), some important looking information and an address. They’re hoping you can help them by going to the address and finding the owner of the phone as they are out of the country.  You chat a bit, you agree to help, and you go to the address. You basically trespass, you suddenly get access to a private chatroom on the app and the story begins… Please don’t let my lackluster explanation deter you from giving this game a chance. It’s actually really good. There’s actually a rather intriguing mystery to the overall story, a sense of betrayal, danger and of course hot guys (and a girl).

The dialogues are so well written that I actually felt like I was having a conversation, well, to be more precise it felt like I was “eavesdropping” in on a conversation between friends. Anyway, it was a lot of fun and in some cases I became pretty emotionally invested. I also like that the characters are not perfect. They all have some somewhat realistic issues, they’re jerks sometimes (NOT in a tsundere way), and they even hurt my feelings a time or two. Mostly, they’re all very charming of course as this is an Otome game, but I like the complexity in their personalities.

Some would say that the best thing about this game is that it’s possible to finish this game in it’s entirety without spending a dime. There are guides out there on how to do it. That being said, I think this would make the game feel more like a chore thus less enjoyable, as the chatrooms are based on real time. You’re bound to miss a chat or two, especially those 3AM ones, which means that you’re going to have to spend “Hour glasses” sooner or later. Hour glasses let you unlock missed chats, call characters, and unlock DLCs. Personally, I’ve enjoyed this game so much that I want to support it with my hard earn money.

There are 56 different endings. Yes 56. Including the DLCs, bad endings, good endings, normal endings, and bad relationship endings. At this point I plan on doing all of them. Some are fairly easy to get and don’t require too much time. Actually, some require you to basically not spend any time on the game. I’ve done about 9 some far… please wish me luck.

Conclusion: 10/10 I recommend this game.

Tip: Save your progress! I’ve had to re-install the game 3 times. For some reason after Google Play and my phone decided to update the game wouldn’t show push notifications anymore, and as this is a real time based game it’s important to not miss those notifications!



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