[Game] So… I finished Mystic Messenger

… Well, not really.


I’m happy to say that I’ve finished what I consider the first round of Mystic Messenger. This took me over 55 days. There are 5 characters and each route takes exactly 5 days to complete. However, I had to restart a couple of times. Plus, the “Secret” endings took another day or two.

This is probably the longest time I’ve spent playing any single game, ever. Mind you, this game is based on real time so I played every day for about 24 hours. Not continuously of course since you only get new chatrooms every couple of hours and I did sleep regularly. However, I had dreams about this game like almost every night – I’m not even joking – and the first thing I did when I woke up was check if a new chatroom had opened. My internal clock changed in order to accommodate time for this game and so I didn’t miss the morning chats.  Wow.

In total I spent about $16, which is a lot for me. I’m the type of person who doesn’t buy games on Steam over $5. Well, there are a couple of exceptions, but only a couple. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this game and I’m happy to support it.

Sadly, I didn’t like the ending very much. First of all, something happened that totally broke my heart. As much as I didn’t like a certain character, I wanted a different ending for them. Not to mention that the treatment they received in the end was a bit upsetting and unfair. I also didn’t like how things were wrapped up concerning the “mystery” behind it all. I didn’t like that just desserts weren’t served and that some characters didn’t seem to learn anything from the whole ordeal *sigh*.

Also, what should have been my sweet sweet happy ending felt anticlimactic. Anticlimactic is probably not the right word as the climax happened in that last episode and boy was it exciting. It’s just that my character wasn’t involved at all until the very end and it just wasn’t as romantic as all the other characters’ ends had been.

I’ve now started the game once again, this time aiming for the normal endings and bad endings. I’m still 40 something endings away from completing the ENTIRE game. Ah, but, a new story will be added in August so I guess it’ll just never end. This time I don’t have to be too concerned about participating in all the chats or making all the right decisions. So I assume these following rounds will be a lot more relaxed.

Over all I would give this game a 9.75/10. If you love Otome mobile games but are getting tired having to deal with gacha, story tickets, and raising your stats, THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU!

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