The Handwriting Tag

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I was tagged by Sam at River-Moose-Reads. Check out her blog! Thank you for tagging me on this fun tag.


  • Copy what it says in your handwriting
  • Change your answers to suit you
  • Then just slap a photo of it up here.


  • Real Name
  • URL of my blog
  • Write – “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog”
  • What I’m writing with
  • Favorite emoticon
  • Silly message




I think if someone were to analyze my handwriting they would find that I’m pretty lazy and somewhat inconsistent. I don’t like writing. I don’t like the physical act of writing so much so that when I was young and wanted to become an author (back before I had a computer and when the possibility of EVER owning a computer was nothing but a dream), I changed my mind because I really hated the idea of having to actually write it down myself.

Basically, I write fast just to get over with and this is the result.


I tag you! This is a fun short awesome tag. Do it!


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