[Game] Mystic Messenger Christmas DLC – Christmas Day: Jumin’s Route


NOTE: Dialogue options are copied as they are in the game, spelling and grammatical mistakes included. I haven’t tested out the calls, sorry.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE! According to other blogs and guides, the chats, visual novels (story modes) and calls change around. Apparently, Cheritz did this so that replay would be more enjoyable and less repetitive.So what you see here may not be what you get when you play.

I don’t really consider this a guide since there seems to be so many variables, but this might help you if you happen to get the same chats and dialogues as me. Also, it might help me figure out those tricky secret endings.




I was getting ready to go to sleep soon. (Nothing)

I’m having a hard time falling asleep because of you


What bad luck… I guess that means you can’t go to the event today. (Nothing)

Does that mean you have to practice all over again? That’s too much. (White)


Zen’s mental breakdown T_T Noo…

Hi Seven (707)


Seven, it’s nice to see you at night too lol (707)

Weren’t you busy? I wanted to talk with Zen privately…

Merry Christmas to you both! (Nothing)


Zen, is there any way you can skip practice T_T (Nothing)

I’m here for you 🙂 (Zen)


I hope the new role have more lines and actions.

That’s right. I hope they treat their actors with more care. (White?)


I listened to your complaints so practice hard tomorrow.

It’s Christmas…. I feel bad you have towork.

I want to see the nude scene…. Ahem. (Nothing)


Don’t feel lonely. I will stay with you together in spirit! Goodnight.

Sleep soon and good luck tomorrow. (Nothing)



Jaehee calls after the chat


Jaehee, you’re here! (Nothing)

Jaehee… I can’t sleep~! Let’s chat.


Don’t you have to worry more about your own work? (Nothing)

I feel bad that things aren’t working out for Zen, even when you’re cheering for him so much.

Zen, your shirtless scene +_+ (Nothing)


If it’s Zen, he’ll do a great job! He’s always done well. (Zen)

Yes, but I actually feel worse for you with all the work you have to do… T_T

Everyone in the RFA is tied up with work…. I should at least enjoy Christmas (Nothing)


It’s important to spend Christmas celebrating.

Ah, you mean you feel like you have to do something special? (Jaehee)


I don’t know. Sometimes I think luck can be more important than diligence…? It all about luck (Nothing)

Work hard knowing that everything will pay off in the end! (Jaehee)


Go to sleep. I’ll get to bed soon. Bye! (Nothing)

I am also going to sleep soon… I came to chat with you

Good night! I think I’ll be up for a little more. (Nothing)



Story Mode after chat: “Letters”

Jumin calls after the chat. I logged into the game at 8:00 and had a “missed call” notification. I was able to call back at 8:02. However, after I finished this chat I received a call from Jumin, I think it was the “missed call” and I got it since the next chat hadn’t opened yet. However, the dialogue was completely different. 


Heya? I’m a carnivorous Santa who will eat you 🙂 (Nothing)

Hiya (Nothing)

Merry Christmas Yoosung 🙂


Uh oh… No! Don’t use that T_T I’ll getchu new ones (Yoosung)

If your skin is good, you don’t need to worry (Nothing)


I don’t feel that that….

What kind of memories do you have of Christmas, Yoosung? (Nothing)


Sounds like a happy family. (Nothing)

You and I are alike…

That’s completely different from my youth! (Nothing)


Yes, cheer up a little more for everyone.

I am proud of you, Yoosung! It’ll be a great success, cheers! (Yoosung)

Haha that’s cute… (Nothing)


What’s more important than your name is your will. (Nothing)

I don’t like it if you only talk about Rika… I am also cheering for you~ (Nothing)

Honestly Rika’s story is to boring to hear T_T


Seven won’t go, right? (Nothing)

Donating is a good thing to do.

It would be nice if Jumin can go a bit early to help Jaehee…


Bye~ (Nothing)

Gone with the Yoosung⭑



Zen calls after the chat


If we utilize Yoosung well, it will definitely be help C&R (Nothing)

Poor Yoosung… Shall text him to run away.. (Nothing)


I started it a bit special. I am excited!

It was a more depressing day than usual… (Nothing)

Just as usual. (Nothing)


People who are going to work today must have a hard time. T_T Jahee too…

Jumin, are you feeling okay after drinking yesterday? (Jumin)


Yes I do! (Nothing)

I don’t have much plans. (Nothing)


Are you talking about V..? Something really did happen between you two. (Nothing)

Hmm… Instead of beating around the bush, how about telling him directly? (Nothing)


Jaehee, there is no problem with the order right?

Yes! Is the event going well? (Nothing)


Jumin is going to take care of it. No worries, Jaehee.

How come you are not getting in touch with your family? People worry about you. (Nothing)


Wouldn’t releasing stress be first for Jumin. Work can come after, one by one 🙂 (Jumin + Extra Dialogue)

Aren’t you giving Jaehee a Christmas gift? (Jaehee)


Extra Dialogue

Reading is the best.

Cats are the best. (Jumin)


You can call the President and work with the phone 🙂 (Jaehee)

Yes Jumin~ You’ve replaced your cellphone already!


Go ahead. (Nothing)

Jaehee…Be strong for the event!


Go and work now~ (Nothing)

Since V is coming… I think it’s better if you go too. (Jumin + Extra Dialogue)


Extra Dialogue

I trust things will work out well… Talk to you later. (Nothing)

Yes, please do so.



Yoosung calls after the chat.


Hello. 707 (Nothing)

Hooray (Nothing)


God Seven’s gloominess can be felt. (707)

Is your Christmas going well?


It’s not that kind of day for me.. (707)

You should spend it happily today! So you don’t feel jealous of others!


So many people live in this world, it’s unavoidable.

I hope Seven is not included there…it’d make my heart ache… (707)


Coming in like Gone with Yoosung! How’s your meal?

So Seven, are you unable to workbecause you’re sad? (707)


It seems you need more cat food for the cats…. (707)

Just be a great donating Santa for me today.


Yoosung, I’ll go too.

It’s nice for him to come but Seven has his own business~ (707)


Come on then

Seven can do what he wants (707)


Are yo going? (Nothing)

Yes, see you again! (Nothing)


You can’t help but be suspect something. Afterall, this game’s title is… (Nothing)

Yes… It would be nice if he came even if he’s late… (Nothing)


I understand how you feel, I will try to go for sure! (Nothing)

Yes, but we should be understanding of everyone’s circumstances. (Nothing)

Even if Seven doesn’t come, Rika is going to be there in spirit… Cheering for you, Yoosung.


I don’t know if I’ll go or not bye bye

Yes, I hope the event is good 🙂 (Yoosung)




I want to see Zen’s bad boy face! (Zen)

Yes, just stay calm today (Nothing)


Jumin has his own issues…. (Jumin)

Come to my place too!!

Jaehee seems so tired…T_T


…Then spend it with me! My heart that is open for you Zen!!

But that’s only possible in your dream (Nothing)


I hope… that dream comes true. I wish that it’d happen today. (Zen)

You can always imagine it (Nothing)


Cheer up Zen! Even when you are working hard, my heart will be burning for you!

Welcome, Jumin! (Jumin)


Jumin, have you organized your thoughts? (Jumin)

Acting is the highest level of activity where you use both brain and body!


I’ll be thankful if you help well with Jaehee’s work, Jumin. (Jaehee)

Yes. (Nothing)

Jumin is doing his best too.


Ahahahahaha Jumin, you’re so funny! (Jumin)

It sounded too serious to be a joke.

kk (Zen)


Although I am disconnected from Jumin, my heart is with Zen.

I heard that C&R is making a great contribution to our GDP growth!

You two seem to have completely different personalities lol (Nothing)


Which means you’re playing around

You just came to chill out! (Jumin)


No worries, my heart is with you Zen… (Zen)

Thank you for welcoming me, Jumin 🙂 (Jumin)


Zen, I will be cheering for you!

Jumin, I’ll be cheering for you! (Jumin)




Welcome Jumin! Did everything go alright? (Jumin)

Hello! Are you helping out Jaehee?


Wow, that was close. I am glad you sorted it out well, Jumin! (Jumin)

I’m glad to hear it went well~!


I want to go and see you. (Jumin)

You don’t want to make a precious memory with just the two of us?


I’ll get ready now! Give me the address. (Nothing)

I feel so excited to see you. You are going to come, right?


Congratulations, Yoosung!

Great job everyone~! (Nothing)


I want to join the company to see Jumin… It’d be wrong to apply with that kind of intention, huh? (Jumin)

It looks like Yoosung is feeling a bit nervous^^; I think he still needs some time.


I didn’t do anything great, I just replied to messages that’s all.

I am glad that I helped…^^ (Jumin)


I hear that I am always fun to be around.

Don’t expect too much~

Raki is a happy and delightful person.

You can check it out yourself! (Nothing)

I’m a kind and easygoing person.


That’s me! (Jumin)

Elizabeth the 3rd?


You’ll have everything if you have me!

You have everything! (Nothing)


Yoosung left….

Am I going to see you on Christmas? (Jumin)


Because I like you. (Jumin)

Jumin, you are my ideal….

I am just following a strategy


You know what matters is the present, right? Everything always changes.

I hope you have great news, Jumin. (Jumin)




Jaehee, did you hear anything from Jumin? (Nothing)



I guess he still has thoughts to sort out about V. (Nothing)

He is in a position where has to make several difficult decisions.


I think he’s become more emotional because of me.

He could be. He’s a person too. (Jumin)


I can’t help but worry about him~ (Jumin)

I think Jaehee does a really good job of taking care of Jumin.


I can’t help that Jumin is my type of guy.

I’m sure you’ll find someone someday! (Zen)


Jaehee will go see it if you practice hard~

What is the title of the show you are rehearsing? (Zen)


Yes. You should come too~

Are you coming, Zen? (Zen)


See you there^^ (Jaehee)

Take care~


You’re going to rebel?

I hope you succeed! (Zen)



Story Mode after chat: “Leaving soon”

Jumin calls after Story Mode

Game branch after chat!


Oh… I think Jumin has something to say to you.

V… Hello! (Nothing)


Shouldn’t you pay off that debt by letting us know what’s been going on?

Aren’t they amazing? (Nothing)



Zen? (Zen)



Uhm… I’m not sure if I completely understand what you mean.

Jumin! (Nothing)


I thought you were coming to see me…?

I hope you come to make things up with V… (Nothing)


Please be more considerate of your friend, V…

I think you should prove that you haven’t changed with your actions… (Jumin)


You two used to exchange letter…! It’s amazing that you have all those memories. (Nothing)

I’d like to exchange letters with you too, Jumin.


I can’t really understand what you mean, but it seems quite serious.

Can’t you share with us… what your choices mean? (Jumin)


You seem very complicated, V, but I hope everything works out.

Are you making up with V…? (Nothing)


It’s very unique.

It’s horrible actually. lol (Nothing)

I think it looks pretty cute~


Letters with flowers on them…That’s romantic! (Nothing)

I suppose even those stationaries have memories of Rika.


I didn’t really do anything. (Nothing)

Then be nicer to me~



Story Mode after chat: “The Present”


Jumin, I’ve been waiting for you. (Jumin)

Hello, Jumin.


Thanks for worrying. (Nothing)

Yup, I used the app Buber.


It’s necessary to be wise enough to acknowledge change. (Nothing)

You’re talking about V.


It must have been so hard for you.

Did you feel like you were left alone? (Jumin)


That’s sad to hear.

The present is always most important, like this moment when we are talking.

I want my feeling for you to last forever. (Jumin)


You have all the members of the RFA with you still.

I’ll stay by your side and be your strength.  (Jumin)







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