[Game] Mystic Messenger Christmas DLC – Christmas Eve: Jumin’s Route


NOTE: Dialogue options are copied as they are in the game, spelling and grammatical mistakes included. I haven’t tested out the calls, sorry, call at your own risk.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE! According to other blogs and guides, the chats, visual novels (story modes), and calls change around. Apparently, Cheritz did this so that replay would be more enjoyable and less repetitive. So what you see here may not be what you get when you play.

I don’t really consider this a guide since there seems to be so many variables, but this might help you if you happen to get the same chats and dialogues as me. Also, it might help me figure out those tricky secret endings.

HINTS IF YOU WANT TO TRY ON YOUR OWN FIRST: Try to get mostly hearts for Jumin and either get hearts from other characters evenly or no hearts at all from other characters. To get hearts from Jumin choose chat options that agree with Jumin, follow what Jumin is saying rationally, and speak well of Jumin. Sometimes you might not get a heart for what seems to be the right answer, don’t worry it seems hearts were very limited for these chats.


***The character names in color are the choices I made for this route. If both are in dark gray/black it means I chose the answer that doesn’t give you any hearts (Nothing).



Story Mode after chat: “Four year ago”

707 calls after the Visual Novel 


Yoosung, you’re not sleeping? (Yoosung)

Hello Zen (Zen)


Don’t be sad. You know I’m here for you! (Yoosung + Alternative Dialogue)

What’s wrong, Zen? (Zen)


Alternative Dialogue

Gyah of course~

Nah, actually I lied, I have something to do (Nothing)


You seem busy with practice…T_T (Zen)

Do they do fund-raising events in RFA too? (Yoosung)


Sounds like you are going to work hard, Jaehee. (Jaehee + Zen)

Is jumin planning it with us too? (Jumin)


It’s okay to keep yourself a little busy (Zen)

Good luck, Yoosung! (Yoosung)


Formal attire? (Yoosung)

Native Norwegian attire? (Nothing)


Is it to get C&R more publicity?

Jumin couldn’t do anything about it either, right? (Jumin)


You can’t come even on the day? (Zen)

Good luck, Yoosung.


Don’t work so hard, Zen (Zen)

Good-bye, honey~(Nothing)


You’re not going to play games? (Yoosung broken heart)

Sweet dreams, Yoosung. (Yoosung)



Yoosung calls after this chat. I missed his call but I was able to call him back at 8:24 AM.


Welcome, Jaehee. (Jaehee)

Assistant Kang, you came right on time. (Nothing)


Good work today, Jaehee. (Jaehee)

You seem to have a lot of work. (Nothing)


Yoosung seemed to have worked hard!! (Yoosung)

I hope everything will work out smoothly. (Jaehee)


After the event is over, let’s go and watch Zen’s performance~ (Zen +  Jaehee?)

Aww Jaehee There, there (Nothing)


Is it “Tender Lion”? (Jaehee)

I think it’s “Law of the Wolf and Lamb”. (Nothing)


Tada! Mr. Jumin Han is here! (Nothing)

Hello, Jumin. (Jumin)


Could it be with a girl…? (Nothing)

Is it something related to the event? (Jumin)


Please try not to be late, so that Jaehee wouldn’t worry.

You are very good at pushing and pulling. (Jumin)


Good-bye. (Nothing)

Have a good meeting, Mr. Han. (Jumin)


You know I’m here!

707? (Nothing)


I’m thinking of leaving too. (Nothing)

I’ll stay a bit longer before going to sleep. (Nothing)

I’ll see you off then go to bed.




Please help me, Justice Warrior 7☆0☆7!! (707 + Extra Dialogue)

Are you sure you’re not hallucinating?


Extra Dialogue

I hope to have a lover on Christmas Day (Nothing)

I want to play comfortable on Christmas Day (Nothing)


What are you doing today, Seven? (707)

Hero, Jaehee and Yoosung look busy so will they be okay?


Welcome, V. (Nothing)

Oh… A handsome and popular photographer!! (Nothing)


May I go as too? (Nothing)

So, you are coming too? (Nothing)


Why?! (Nothing)

Are you involved in a contract with C&R…? (Jumin broken heart)


V… you’re a very mysterious person. (Nothing)

Are you coming, Seven? (Nothing)


I’m strong so I’ll protect you with my whole body (Nothing)

Is there a solution like 707? lol (707)


Whoosh (*Disappears*) (Nothing)

Good-bye! (Nothing)




Is the event planning going well? (Nothing)

V just dropped by… (Nothing)


Obviously he has to come because he is the President, isn’t he? (Yoosung)

He seems handsome, I really want to see him in person. (Nothing)


Maybe it’ll complicated things if use the RFA name. (Nothing)

Maybe to give Jumin’s company a better image? (Jumin broken heart)


If everyone’s on the same page as Yoosung, then that means there is a problem.. (Yoosung)

I think it’s better to wait and see. We don’t know how people think.


I agree with Yoosung. He keeps hiding things and it makes me suspect him more. (Yoosung)

I want to think that it was an unavoidable… (Jaehee)


Okay. I trust Jumin so I will also trust V too. (Jaehee)

Something does seem weird. I can understand why Yoosung feels upset.


You’re holding on thanks to Jaehee. (Jaehee)

Let’s carry one Rika’s will!! The heart behind is more important than the name. (Yoosung)


Jaehee, you didn’t attend the event 4 years ago?

What happened to Rika was shame, but you need to focus on the present so the event will be a success. (Yoosung)


Did a spaceship pass by? (707)

Did something show up?


You worked hard today…even though it’s Christmas Eve… (Yoosung + Jaehee)

I feel bad when I think of Yoosung having to work so hard…


Even though it’s sad that we couldn’t call it RFA, if it’s you, I’m sure you can overcome it. (Yoosung)

Yoosung, aren’t you busy too? Shouldn’t you get going? (Nothing)


I’ll look forward to it. Bye bye

Please feel free to go. So then good-b… (Nothing)



Story Mode after chat: “I can’t tell the reasons”

Jaehee calls after Story Mode.


I’m here Mr. Han. (Jumin)

Excuse me… (Nothing)


Welcome, Seven~ (707)

I want to ride in Driver Kim’s car too.


That seems right lol (707)

I’ll respect Jumin’s privacy., k.


It seems like Jumin would spend time with Elizabeth the 3rd on a day like this. (Jumin)

Seven… you really do miss Elly! (707)


There’s no one in the world whose heart is made of steel. (Jumin)

If you deny it, then that means you are a robot, (707)


I want to spend it romantically with someone I love.

I want to watch movies alone at home all day. (Jaehee)

Rather than just being with someone, I want to do something meaningful.

I have a bad memory with Christmas so I’ll pass

I want to spend it with someone I trust. (Jumin)


It’ll be fun to learn the art of shadow cloning (707)

To think Jumin would say something like that…(Nothing)


I don’t really care about today… it just feels exactly the same. (707)

Is this an important day for you?


I should buy something to eat too. (707)

I’ll get going too ^^




Gasp, the Christmas couple movie that’s coming out (Zen)

Zen, your expression is so funny hahaha (Zen broken heart)


It really is a tragedy… I want to embrace you (Zen)

It sounds like you’re saying lines from a play. (Nothing)


Yes, yes… (Nothing)

Kya! Then what?  (Zen)


Jumin, welcome! (Jumin)

Let’s swear a never ending love (Zen)


I’ve fallen for your improv skills! I am you fan number 1 from now on. (Zen)

Zen…. were you? (Nothing)


White Day and Pepero Day are also made for commercialization. (Jumin)

I wish I can ignore it but… I like romance movies. (Zen)


Trust… Trust is important especially when you’ve been together for a long time. (Jumin)

That’s kind of random…


I think Zen understands loyalty really well.

I think Jumin can maintain a long lasting relationship based on trust. (Nothing)


No, I wouldn’t do that. (Nothing)

Why are you asking something like that?


That’s so sad… is that person doing well now?

That isn’t enough. (Jumin)


That’s so harsh, especially on Christmas…. (Zen)

There’s truth in Jumin’s word. (Jumin)


Hahaha! Jumin was right~! Your sense of humor, seriously…. (Nothing)

Is this another world? My mind is blown away…. (Nothing)


Plase don’t make Jaehee work too hard on Christmas…..

Jumin, calm down and it would be better if we talk about this later. (Jumin)


Don’t think about it. Talking about Jumin can make Christmas feel really dull. (Jumin broken heart)

Maybe something bad happened at the meeting earlier. (Jumin)


To think you’re busy on Christmas Eve…

Hang in there! Think of me

Yes, goodbye. (Nothing)



Story mode after chat: “Christmas allergy”

Zen calls after the chat.


Me too ^^ I was waiting for you. (Yoosung)

Yoosung, is everything going well? (Nothing)


Yes, but I don’t really like things like that lolol (Nothing)

I’m jealous of the couples going to go see this movie T_T


Seven lolol~ It looks like you are in a good mood. (707)

Seven, I got Yoosung.


I’m also curious! Please tell me if you have a Christmas dream hehe

Nobody enjoys being alone… but there can be exceptions (707)


Activate, Seven Wiki!! (707)


I don’t care

Because cats want to jump and touch the decorations! (707)


So that means you won’t be going… It would’ve been nice if you helped Yoosung T_T

I bet it’ll look so pretty… (707)


I’m not in danger, right?

I feel at ease knowing that Seven is protecting me.(707)


It’s really unlike you, Seven

Every person has a different way of having fun haha (707)


Please reconsider going…

Only Seven’s heart could get through to Yoosung. (707)


That’s true, it is kind of interesting.

Seven must have his own circumstances~ (707)


Seven must have a story he can’t tell us. (707)

He should be more sociable like you.


Jaehee….. hang in there. (Jaehee)

Jumin could have this own circumstances too. (Jumin)


You should hurry. It was nice talking to you. ^^ (Yoosung)

Yes, go on ahead. (Nothing)




I wish I could see it too. (Jumin)

Hello. (Nothing)


I will spend it feeling a bit lonely. (Nothing)

I am having a good time.

I’ll just spend it like any normal day. (Nothing)


You seem to have a lot of free time… Jaehee seemed to be busy.

Like other people? (Jumin)


Jumin, I understand it was V who requested the name change. You did this for the sake of the RFA, right? (Jumin)

It hurts me to see Yoosung feeling down…


Jumin, do you….. do you possibly have superpowers? (Jumin)

Jaehee! (Jaehee)


hahaha, your face is blurry. (Nothing)

That’s a beautiful photo. (Jumin)


Ha ha… this is really…. (Nothing)

That’s a smart way to encourage people to attend freely.


It would be safer if you think two or three steps ahead. (Jumin)

Jaehee, hang in there…. (Jaehee)


Even if something did happen with you and V…. you won’t tell us. (Jumin)

Jumin, you will be attending tomorrow right? (Nothing + Extra Dialogue)


Extra Dialogue

Like I thought, something happened between you two? Was it something bad?

Did you two… get into a fight? (Nothing)


Just try and come clean with whatever it is. (Nothing)

Jumin… I think it would be best if you rest for a bit. (Jumin)


You’re going to give her work on Christmas night? Please be considerate of Jaehee.. (Jaehee)

Jumin… something must be bothering you. I wish there was something I can do. (Jumin)


Is it just me… or are you trying to run away?? (Nothing)

Hurry up and go. It was nice talking to you. (Nothing)


You will earn a lot of money… take comfort in that. (Nothing)

There, there….


Don’t drink that and cheer up! Don’t you know it’s not good to drink too many of those? (Jaehee)

hahaha Yoosung is so cute. (Yoosung)


It must be tiring to work until tomorrow… but know that I’m here cheering for you. After you’re done. (Jaehee)

Good luck on your work. (Nothing)



Story Mode after chat: “Complex feeling”


707 is here!! Open up the gates!! (707)

I miss Zen.


Jaehee is going to work after the event is over. Isn’t Jumin being a bit too much? T_T It’s Christmas!!

What should you do if your blood pressure gets hire? Dr. 707! (707)


If someone like Jumin were my boss….. I honestly think it could be a bit romantic.

If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to handle it T_T I don’t like one-sided love or one-sided authority. (Zen)


Zen…would you hate it if called you Master? (Zen)

It’s bad to fight. I want peace!! I respect everybody’s preferences!! (Nothing)


Let’s stop now~ (Nothing)

If I sent hearts, would you still hate it? (Zen)


Yes (Nothing)

What do you have to say? (Nothing)


I want to spend a nice warm Christmas with Zen T_T sniff sniff

I want to be with Seven but… because of work… (Your name) is sad. (707)


I hope that you can be that way with me… ❤

I don’t want to do what everyoneyone else is doing… (707)


Zen, I’ll warm you up with my words, hoo~<3

Because he’s God Seven! (707)


Zen, close your eyes!

It’s so cute! I feel so much brighter^^ (707)


Sending and receiving messages with 707 makes me quite happy. (707)

I want to go on a date with Zen…


Be careful to not get caught (Nothing)

Running away;;;; is that okay? (Nothing)


Merry Christmas Eve!

I hope you run to your heart’s content and feel better…! (707)


But he seemed less energetic… I don’t know why (707)

That was unexpected.. I’m really getting lonely now… T_T


Yes, go on ahead~ (Nothing)

Zen, every time you get tired at practice, just think of me for support! You can do it! You know I’m cheering for



Jumin calls after the chat


I was waiting for you, Yoosung~! How is the show going now?

Hello. (Nothing)


Be honest, you want to play games lol (Nothing)

Jaehee would feel so proud too.


Welcome, Jumin. (Nothing)

Wehlciome, Juniun (Nothing)


If Yoosung enters the company, you would help Jaehee, right? (Jaehee)

Oh man… run away!

Just think about it as a good experience ^^ (Jumin)


Yoosung, it’s already been decided, you should let it go… (Jumin)

Yeah, it’s still hard to accept…. (Yoosung)


Yoosung, I think the content of what we do is more important than the name. If Rika was here, what would she do now? (Yoosung)

Yoosung, try and respect what V did. He is the person that Rika chose. (Jumin)


I see that you’ve been drinking alone, Jumin. I hope you have a good evening. (Jumin)

If you’re free I hope you could help Yoosung and Jaehee… (Nothing)


It would be better for me to go early and help you. (Yoosung)

I want to stay at home like Seven… (Nothing)


I know what you mean. Hurry and go to bed. (Nothing)

I will go to sleep soon too. Good night, Yoosung. (Yoosung)



Story Mode after chat: “No Santa in this world”

Game branch after Story Mode!


There is less than one hour left until Christmas… Jaehee, you’re not still working, are you?

Did you just discover a rabbit?! (707)


Jaehee, was work good today? Did you have any problems?

Quick, go home before you’re transformed by the crystal power! (707)


That’s hair discrimination but it would be cute to put ornaments in your hair!!! (707)

It’s so sad that I couldn’t help Jaehee…


If I can get there early, I’ll try and do as much as possible! (Jaehee)

I want to see Seven… But I can understand why he would want to be alone lol (707)



Go and become a star, Fairy 707! (707)


Thank you. (Nothing)

Rest well and good luck tomorrow! (Jaehee)


I am a bit sad that Seven can’t come… (Nothing)

Seven, you should go home now! Before it gets too late. (707)


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