[manga] Dengeki Daisy



I have finally finished Dengeki Daisy! I started the series in April and finished it on December 23rd. The series is 16 volumes long.

This manga series quickly became one of my favorites. I loved the characters, the relationships between them ,and the overall story.

I really liked how Teru and Kurosaki’s relationship was depicted. I considered it a very healthy relationship and I really like how the author focused on communication between the two. They had their ups and downs, but they always learned from their mistakes. All the characters were flawed in some way, but they really tried to work through their shortcomings by talking and relying on each other. 

I was glad that there was no “lone hero” or damsel in distress. Yes, Teru was rescued by Kurosaki many times, but I wouldn’t say she was ever completely useless in any of the life threatening situations she found herself in. As scared as she was, she always tried to keep a level head. She didn’t hide that she was scared either which made her all the more brave in my opinion. I liked that Teru was rescued, had she not been, it would have been too unbelievable and less enjoyable.

Kurosaki’s relationship with the other characters, especially with Masuda aka Boss and Riko, made me so happy! I loved that what they had to say mattered so much to Kurosaki. For him to trust them as much as he did really spoke of his growth as a person. Like wise, I liked how Masuda and Riko always listened to what Kurosaki had to say, but never shied away from being tough on him when he needed it most.

I really liked how the last volume wrapped everything up. While some may not like how some things were explained in these “extra” chapters, I really don’t mind that they weren’t included in the main story. They’re still canon and I feel like this format allowed the author to go into mote detail rather than just a quick flashback as part of the main story. I’m also glad that it explained more about the most mysterious of characters.

Overall, I just absolutely loved the friendships in this series. Finally, a shojo manga where love isn’t just between two people in a romantic relationship.


I recommend this manga to everyone. Especially people who might want to give shojo a try but are not sure where to start. This isn’t the usual fluffy and cute type of shojo manga. I feel it takes a slightly more realistic approach to the interactions between some of the characters. Also, there is a lot of sadness, bittersweetness, and some violence in this manga. The instances of violence are rare and mostly consisted of punching. One thing that could be considered a con is that if you are someone who actually knows about computers and/or hacking, you might find that aspect of the story a little silly or incorrect. I’m not sure as I don’t know anything about computers.

The pain of all they lost never stopped them from moving forward. It’s making me tear up a little just thinking about it.

Score:5/5 and I’m making it part of my manga collection.

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