Manga Reading Challenge 2018

Hi guys! I’ve decided to participated in MANGA HOARDER’S 2018 MANGA READING CHALLENGE!

This is going to be a true challenge for me. I’m very bad at keeping up with long term challenges and I’m even worse at reading books from my physical TBR. I have a 100+ of unread manga volumes, but I feel like this challenge is the kick of motivation that I need to get me going! I’m really excited about this. My goal is to at least read one volume per week. It sounds easy and doable, but knowing me it might prove quite challenging.

I would like to invite you to participate in this challenge as well! If you’re an avid manga reader this challenge might help you pick up a series you otherwise would never have. Or maybe you just like challenges and this seems super fun and exciting! 

The Manga Reading Challenge will run through out the entire year in 2018 with 52 challenges plus 5 bonus challenges. As with all reading challenges, this is meant to be fun so you can tailor the challenges to what best works for you.

Please visit Manga Hoarder’s original post to check out the full list of challenges and guidelines, and let her know you’ll  be participating! You can also download the PDF with all the challenges listed. However, I will list the guidelines down below and list some of the challenges so you get an idea of what to expect.

Directly copied from her blog:


  • Change the challenges to work for you
  • Choose the challenges you want to complete
  • Read 1 book to satisfy multiple challenges if you want to
  • Read other formats of books (you don’t have to only read manga)!


Some of the challenges:

  • A borrowed manga
  • A comedy manga
  • A nonfiction manga
  • A manga that features siblings
  • A manga with a one word title


Also, check out her video for a better explanation!


I hope you participate! Please use #readmanga18 on your social media.


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