Manga Reading Challenge – Week 3

This is week 3 of Manga Hoarder’s Manga Reading Challenge 2018!   And I’ve only read 2 volumes so far. But I’ve finished like 6 of the challenges!

For week three I read: Kamisama Kiss volume 17 by Julietta Suzuki.


Nanami, all this time, he’s loved you. All this time! You lucky girl!

I can’t really review this volume without spoiling most of the story since we’re getting close to the end of the series, but let me just say that this volume in particular is one of the sweetest most romantic things I’ve ever read.

Overall, this volume was very fun to read and it explained what could have been a very confusing plot hole. To be honest, I thought the explanation for this potential major plot hole was a tiny bit of a stretch. Tomoe meets Nanami under unusual circumstances, such that she has to pretend to be someone else. However, years later, Tomoe meets the real person Nanami had pretended to be, yet he can’t tell the difference? Actually, from a human perspective it makes perfect sense since 8 years had passed and humans do change a lot in 8 years. However, Tomoe is a Fox demon so I kind of expected him to have a better memory; at the very least a good sense of smell.

I’m still very much enjoying this series though!


Challenges met:

This volume met 6 of the challenges, but so did the previous volume. So I’m limiting this one to two challenges only.

#5 A romance manga

#31 A manga that features gods or monster


Not going to lie, I’m rather unimpressed with my progress. I’ve only read 2 volumes so far. I have to get my myself together and read. I’m like 6 books behind on my Goodreads challenge counting these two read volumes.


  1. I really like Tomoe although he’s always acting like doesn’t care about Nanami. 💛 I haven’t read the manga but watched the anime. Happy reading!

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