#readmanga18 Manga Reading Challenge 2018 – Weeks 10-12

Weeks 10-12 of Manga Hoarder’s Manga Reading Challenge!!

Super mini reviews included.

Skip Beat volumes 1-5


I’m so happy to be reading Skip Beat again! It’s been a couple of years since I stopped reading it, so I decided to start it again. Skip Beat is one of my favorite anime ever, so much so that I decided to read the manga. I’m so glad I did. My favorite thing by far, is the protagonist, Kyoko. She’s not your typical heroine and you can’t help but love her. I love that her motivation is revenge, and I also love how gutsy and passionate she is. I have a lot of things to say about Kyoko, but I’ll save that for a different review. Perhaps the one things I don’t like about this manga is the art style. To be precise, I don’t like the body proportions of the characters. They have ridiculously long legs, small faces, and borderline ridiculous long pointy chins. I appreciate how they were drawn in the anime a little more now. This won’t stop me from continuing reading the manga, it’s just too good!

Challenges met: A manga that features a female main character

Gintama volume 3


Hmm, I actually don’t remember what this volume was about. Oops.

Challenges met: Not any new challenge.


Sayonara, Zetusbou-Sensei volume 1


Once again, I loved the anime so much that I decided to read the manga. Unfortunately, I feel like the fan subs provided for the anime were better than the professional translation provided for the manga. The main reason is that a lot of the writing in signs and the classroom blackboard was not translated. The editor explains that it’s because what was written were either obscure references or specific references to Japanese culture. My counter argument to that is, “So? Let me decide what I do and don’t get.” I just feel like I missed out on some of the humor, because I remember the writing in the anime being pretty humorous. Oh well.

Challenges met: A gekiga or alternate manga – I find Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei to be a little difficult to categorize. It’s comedy, dark comedy, slice of life, something else?


Inu x Boku volume 3

18295856 (1)

Volume 3 pretty much concluded what was serialized in the anime. I’m excited to read new material now. I can’t wait!

Challenges met: Did not complete new challenges.


Uzumaki Omnibus


I’m not even going to bother trying to review Uzumaki. I wouldn’t know where to begin. But I do highly recommend it, it was a very interesting read. This is a horror manga, and while I didn’t find it too disturbing, you can certainly creep yourself out if you think about it too much.  Perhaps the one thing I didn’t like about this manga, was how obtuse the female protagonist could be. Were we supposed to like her? I know that she’s a kid, but it was irritating how naive she seemed to remain throughout even after what she had experienced.

Challenges completed: A horro manga, A borrowed manga, A hardcover release, An omnibus/single-volume over 500 pages


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