[Movie] Palm Springs – Quick Thoughts

Spoilers towards the end, please tread carefully.

You know how sometimes there’s movies that you know you’re going to love just by reading the synopsis or watching the trailer? THIS IS ONE OF THEM!

I’ve never watched an Andy Samberg movie I didn’t like. Granted, I haven’t watched that many of his movies, but my point still stands. I don’t really have much to say about this movie, except that I liked it, it was entertaining, and I recommend it to every one.

The only flaw in this movie I can think of, is that it leaves me with so many questions unanswered. Like, just how long was Nyles trapped in there? (I just read an article and apparently he was trapped in there for 40 years). I mean, there were hints to suggest that he had been there a long time, like when he mentions how many times they had had sex, or how at times it truly seemed like he had stopped caring about anything. I imagine it would take a long time for someone to break like that.

Spoiler city: the following paragraph!!

Something else I wish had been clarified was wether an alternate timeline or an alternate universe was created when they got trapped in a loop. Maybe it was explained and I just missed it, but the ending made it seem like everyone who was trapped in the loop got out of it differently. What confuses me is that when Sarah and Nyles got out of the loop, Nyles and Sarah are in a pool on the 10th (the next day) indicating time had moved forward. But when they show what happened Roy, Roy goes to the party and Nyles doesn’t recognize him. What does that mean? Does that mean that they are continuing different timelines now, individual to their experiences? It crossed my mind that maybe it resulted in them losing their memories, except that a conversation they had in the pool made it clear that it was the same Sarah and Nyles. They both remember Roy. Could it mean that Sarah and Nyles are now in yet another alternate timeline, separate from the one Roy is in? Otherwise, wouldn’t that mean that there are two Nyles’s and two Sarah’s? Also, how exactly is it that Roy is no longer stuck in the loop? He didn’t “eject” himself from the loop with Nyles and Sarah. Was the loop tethered to Nyles?

Lastly, what does this mean for the continuous timeline, or I guess the “real world”. Did Nyles and Sarah just disappear? Were the Nyles and Sarah stuck in a loop “copies”? What happened to that loop world? Did it just disappear? If it didn’t disappear, does it mean someone else is stuck in there? Like… that old lady…????

I have other questions, but these are the main ones. I could probably find the explanations somewhere, but I think I’ll look for those after I’ve watched the movie a couple of more times. Speculating is half the fun.

If you’ve watched the movie, please let me know your thoughts!

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