How does one review manga and comics?



I’ve been reading a lot. However, I’ve been mostly reading comics, manga, and the occasional Wimpy Kid book. I don’t know what it is about comics and manga that make me not want to write reviews. Actually, the thought of having to review them is a bit overwhelming. Having to review an entire series is scary! Not to mention that I’ll probably forget a lot of important details along the way! It also seems a bit pointless to review volume by volume since there’s really not much I can talk about that way. Continue reading


Book Unwrapping #1

Hey guys! As promised, here’s my unwrapping video!

Thank you so much for helping me choose what to read next. It was so much fun unwrapping the books and I got some really good ones! Can’t want to get started!!

If you would like to help me choose what to read next, please go HERE and leave the shelf and book # of your choice!

I hope the angle doesn’t bother you too much!


A Most Exciting Book Haul! June Book Haul

I would just like to say that there’s no reason or theme behind these pictures, I just felt like taking pictures and having my books “pose”.

This month’s book haul was most exciting indeed! First of all, I was sent a book by a publishing company in exchange for a review for the first time! Not only that, but they also sent an autographed bookmark and a little sticky-note pad with the book’s cover. It’s so cute! I’m so happy! I’ve started reading the book and so far it’s quite good!

Another exciting thing about this book haul, is that the majority of these books were only a $1. I went to my library and they were selling some brand new hard covers and paperback for only $1. It was so amazing!!!

Without further ado, here is my June book haul.


Thank you Inglenook Publishing!


Thank you for stopping by! Happy reading!!