Bad Magic by Pseudonymous Bosch Review


Magic is BAD.
As in fake. Cheesy. Unreal. At least, that’s what Clay, who has seen one magic show too many, thinks.

When words from his journal appear mysteriously on his school wall as graffiti, he never imagines that magic might be to blame. And when the same graffiti lands him at Earth Ranch, a camp for “troubled” kids on a remote volcanic island, magic is the last thing he expects to find there.

But at Earth Ranch, there is one strange surprise after another, until Clay no longer knows what to expect. Is he really talking to a llama? Did he really see a ghost? What is the scary secret hidden in the abandoned library? The only thing he knows for sure is that behind the clouds of vog (volcanic smog), nothing is as it seems. Can he solve the riddle of Earth Ranch before trouble erupts?

Synopsis is taken from Goodreads

Score 5/5

My review:

I LOVE Pseudonymous Bosch! He has quickly become one of my favorite authors. I love his Secret Series, I love his style, and I specially love the humor in his books.

Bad Magic follows a similar style as the Secret Series. It has the humor I love, fun illustrations, a mystery, and an even bigger secret. I have to admit that because I am familiar with Pseudonymous Bosch’s previous work, Bad Magic was a bit predictable. This, however, did not make the book any less enjoyable. It was still a fun, whimsical, read and I loved every second of it. I finished this book in a day, which rarely happens. I specially loved how the two series tie in together. The protagonist of Bad Magic, Clay, is Max-Ernest’s, the protagonist of the Secret  Series, little brother. And if Clay is anything like his older brother, I can only imagine the epic adventures that are to come! It would be so amazing if the two characters were featured in a book, the possibilities would be endless!

Even though this is a children’s/ Middle Grade book, I think the humor of this book is appropriate for ALL ages and I highly recommend it.

My first Read-a-thon short wrap up

My very first read-a-thon is now over and it was a success! Not only was it fun, I reached my goal! My goal was to finish at least ONE book, which I did! Actually, I finished two! Ok, so one was only 159 pages long but the second book was 351. I’m a terribly slow reader and it usually takes me WEEKS to finish a 300+ pages book. I’m so glad I got 2 books off of my TBR list. I have 30+ books sitting on my shelf just waiting to be read. And last night I ordered three more which only exacerbates things. Sigh, why do I do this to myself?

I’m very happy, I never thought I would be able to read 500 pages in a day. I can’t wait ’til the next read-a-thon!

Books I read:


Jennifer Murdley’s Toad by Bruce Coville, 159p.

Bad Magic by Pseudonymous Bosch, 351 p.

Total pages read: 510

Getting reading for my first Read-a-thon!

Tonight, err… tomorrow morning? Well on October 24th @ 12:01am – 11:59pm I will be participating in my very first read-a-thon! I’m so excited! It’s a 24hr read-a-thon. I have my books ready, my snacks ready, and my comfy reading area ready! Now all I have to do is sit down and read. Easier said than done. As excited as I am, I’m also feeling a little hesitant. To be perfectly honest, I don’t like reading for long periods of time. And this 24hr read-a-thon is starting to feel more like a task that I have to complete rather than something I will enjoy.
My goal is to finish a book! At least one book! That’s all I want! I’m a slow reader and, as I said before, I don’t like reading for long periods of time, which means I will be taking a lot of breaks. Also, I’ll be sleeping. I want to enjoy what I read and I can’t do that if my brain is too tired.

Woo hoo! I’m excited!!

The Books


I won’t be able to read all these books, of course, but I want to have options just in case I have to drop a book, or I change my mind, or if I’m just not in the mood. I really like those bookmarks by the way.

The Food & Drinks


Electric kettle, large coffee mug, 4 different kinds of coffee, choco cookie, apple, cheese muffin. Yumm~


Read-a-thons and Book clubs

Here is a list of read-a-thons and book clubs I’m currently participating in.


December 26th [COMPLETED]
Event: 24hr read-a-thon
Book: multiple
Where: Hooked On Books

December 19-20 [COMPLETE]
Event: Weekend read-a-thon
Book: multiple
Where: Hooked On Books

December 6-13 [COMPLETE]
Event: Week long read-a-thon
Book: multiple
Where: Hooked On Books

December 1-31 [COMPLETED]
Event: Christmas Bookathon
Book: multiple
Where: Christmas Bookathon

November 28th [COMPLETED]
Event: 24hr Read-a-thon
Book: multiple
Where: Hooked On Books

November 21-22 [ COMPLETED]
Event: Weekend Read-a-thon
Book: multiple
Where: Hooked On Books

November 1-8 [COMPLETED]
Event: Week Read-a-thon
Book: multiple
Where: Hooked On Books

October 24th-October 31st [COMPLETED]
Event: Halloween Read-a-thon 2015
Where: Instagram
Host: @aaron_m99 and @_proudfangirl_

October 24th [COMPLETED]
Event: 24hr Read-a-thon
Book: multiple
Where:Hooked On Books

October 1-31 [COMPLETED]
Event: Read With Ben
Book: Ted Saves the World
Where: Instagram
Host: @readwithben
#readwithben #tedsavestheworld

October 1-31[COMPLETED]
Event: Book Club
Book: Hollywood Witch Hunter
Where: Perustopia Book Club

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor Review and Dream Casting

Around the world, black handprints are appearing on doorways, scorched there by winged strangers who have crept through a slit in the sky.

In a dark and dusty shop, a devil’s supply of human teeth grows dangerously low.

And in the tangled lanes of Prague, a young art student is about to be caught up in a brutal otherworldly war.

Meet Karou. She fills her sketchbooks with monsters that may or may not be real, she’s prone to disappearing on mysterious “errands”, she speaks many languages – not all of them human – and her bright blue hair actually grows out of her head that color. Who is she? That is the question that haunts her, and she’s about to find out.

When beautiful, haunted Akiva fixes fiery eyes on her in an alley in Marrakesh, the result is blood and starlight, secrets unveiled, and a star-crossed love whose roots drink deep of a violent past. But will Karou live to regret learning the truth about herself?

Synopsis from

My Review: 

Score 3/5

The world created by Laini Taylor is absolutely beautiful. Her gift for description is amazing, you devour her words and create a world like no other. Karou is not your average teenager, she leads a double life. In one she is your typical teenager, blue hair included, and in the other she calls chimera family and travels around the world collecting teeth. Teeth? Yes, teeth. Why? Karou doesn’t know herself. Brimstone, chimera and father figure, sends Karou on “errands” around the world. Her task is to collect teeth from hunters, grave robbers, and other unpleasant individuals in exchange for wishes. During one of these errands something unexpected happens. She meets the most beautiful creature she has ever seen, he in turn tries to kill her. Soon after, Karou’s only means of communication with her chimera family are cut. She is left stranded and alone in the human world. But is she really alone? Karou senses someone watching her, who? And why?

This book was a page turner. The mystery of the teeth and the mystery of who Karou really is had me glued to this book. Needless to say the ending left me wanting more, I need to know what happens next! The reason I only gave it 3/5 is because this is a romance novel. I was not aware that it was and as I am not a fan of romance, I felt that when the story focused on romance, it dragged. However, the love, passion, and longing between the characters was beautifully described. If you are a fan of romance and beautiful worlds, this is the book for you. Had this book focused a bit less on the romance and more on the other things happening in the book, I would have definitely given it a 5/5. This books also touches on prejudice based on race and appearance which I found to be very relatable since we live in a world where prejudice and racism are a problem.

Main character / Teenager, dark eyes, blue hair, fair skin

Dream Actress:

Imogen Poots

As I was reading I imagined someone with similar features. Can you imagine Imogen with with blue hair, stunning! Sure, she has blue eyes but nothing contacts can’t change, if we want to be picky.


Main character, love interest / Tall, “fire/blazing” eyes, most beautiful creature anybody has ever laid eyes upon.

Dream Actor:

Jared Padalecki

This is pretty close to how Akiva is described in the book (in my opinion of course) except that Akiva has short black hair. So Akiva is supposed to be beautiful beyond comparison and not every body is going to agree that Mr. Padalecki is handsome, but his features are similar to what I imagined.



Best friend / Tiny and fierce

Dream Actress:

Hayden Panettiere

Fierce and petite, perfect.

Downloaded from
Downloaded from


Ex-boyfriend, sleaze bag

Shoulder length blond hair, hot (for a human)

Dream Actor:

Jake Abel

To be honest, Jake Abel was who I imagined when I thought of Akiva, however, I figured Akiva should look older than Karou. Also, I’m not too sure about Jake’s physique and in the book Akiva is tall, well toned, with broad shoulders (if I remember correctly). I figured he would make a pretty good Kaz too though.

Jake Abel

Who is your dream cast? Do you agree with my choices?

I promise next time there will be  more diversity 😉

WOW! Well I was looking for the characters’ names because I forgot (I know shame on me) and it turns out that a MOVIE REALLY IS COMING OUT! Wow!