[Game] So I’ve been playing Mystic Messenger


If you play Otome games, then you’ve probably heard about this game. I sort of randomly found it while looking for a different game and initially thought it was another one of those ticket based visual novels where you have to wait 4 hours to get one ticket. Gosh I hate those games – I’m currently playing 3  of them – and how they practically force you to do the “Tapjoy” thing for points and spend money.

To my delight, Mystic Messenger is nothing like that. I find it rather unique in how it takes advantage of the fact that it’s a mobile game.  Basically, the game is designed to simulate a chatting app. It includes a photo album, email, “friend” profiles, chatrooms, messenger, and a call function. It’s really cool! Continue reading [Game] So I’ve been playing Mystic Messenger