[Video] My Manga TBR

I made a manga TBR video! It’s a lot longer than I expected it to be. I also have A LOT more unread manga volumes than I thought I did. 

A few of the volumes are re-reads like High School Debut, Otomen, and Skip Beat. I plan to continue these series, but it was such a long time since I last read these volumes I’ve already forgotten what happened. 





June TBR (Pfft) Summer TBR (YES!)

I don’t usually post monthly TBRs because they always change. And sure enough, about a week ago I posted my June TBR and it’s already completely changed. I went to the library and got more books, which means those books take priority since I have to return them. So I thought, instead of doing a monthly TBR I should just do a Summer TBR.

These are the books I hope to read between June-August 31st.

Originally I had planned on reading:

DSC05907 I’ve read this book and it was awesome. 5/5









Then I went to the library and go these books:

DSC05912 I’ve read it and I loved it. 5/5









DSC05911 Currently reading it!










And then chose some more that I’ve been meaning to read for years.







Do you have a seasonal TBR or do monthly ones work better for you?


June TBR!

Hi guys! I don’t usually plan what I’m going to read ahead of time, but this time there are some books I feel I HAVE to read ASAP.

And these are the books!

Surge of the Dead by A.L. White


This is my very first Goodreads win! Yay! I won it back in February, I think, and I think it’s time I get to reading and reviewing it. Let us not be ungrateful.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman


This book traveled all over the world with me, and I during my travels I only read 10 pages, on the way back home lol. I really like what I’ve read so far, but as it is a thick book, it’s a little intimidating. I want to read it before the TV show comes out.

Hold Me Closer Necromancer by Lish McBride


This is a library book that I have to return by the 10th of June!



Have you decided what you’re going to read during the month of June? Or will you leave it up to your mood?



March and April TBR

OMG it’s finally March! I’ve been waiting for this month since June! Anyway, this month I plan on reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I don’t think I’ll finish all 5 books, but I’ll try! I also might change my plans.


April TBR. I’ll be traveling so I don’t’ think I’ll be able to read more than one book. Since it’s being made into TV show, I want to read American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I hope I like it, it’s hit or miss with his books.




February TBR~

After some deliberation I decided to post a February TBR. This is only a plan and can’t make any promises I’ll actually stick to it, but here it is!

First book: Since the movie is coming out soon I’m currently reading

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies



Second book: I was given this book for review, so I want to read it ASAP

Rarity from the Hollow by Robert Eggleton


Third book: I started this book in November or December, I think it’s time I finish it

Kasmah Forma by S. Vagus


As this book is over 600 pages, I don’t think I’ll have time to read another one. But in case I do, I would like to read

The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare


And that is it! Woo! Excited!

The TBR Book Tag!

I wasn’t tagged by anyone, but I wanted to do the tag anyway. I love tags, they’re so much fun! I copied the questions from


1. How do you keep track of your TBR pile?

I use Goodreads. I’m on it everyday multiple times a day. Unfortunately, every time I go on I add another book to my TBR, so it just grows and grows and grows.


2. Is your TBR mostly print or E-book?

Print! I only read ebooks if I have to.


3. How do you determine which book from your TBR to read next?

I’m very much a mood reader, so whatever I’m in the mood for.


4. A book that has been on your TBR the longest?

I’m not really sure but I think Wicked has been on my list the longest. I did start it once, got halfway done but dropped it. I do plan to finish it, I just need to feel motivated.


5. A book you recently added to your TBR?

The last three I added are:



6. A book strictly on your TBR strictly for it’s cover?

The Creeper Man by Dawn Kurtagich, I don’t know anything about this book, it hasn’t even been published yet, but the cover grabbed my attention. The fact that the title says “creeper man”, but has a picture of a girl is just so very interesting.


7. A book on your TBR that you never plan on reading?

But… if I don’t plan on reading it…then why would it be on my TBR?


8. An unpublished book on your TBR that you’re excited for?

The sequel to The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. I’ve been waiting for years for a sequel!! How much longer will I have to wait?!


9. A book on your TBR that everyone has read but you?

All the popular ones, seriously: The Hunger Games, The Mortal Instruments, Outlander, Fan Girl, Throne of Glass, The Maze Runner, the list goes on! The ones I’m most looking forward to reading are:



10. A book on your TBR that everyone recommends to you? 

Clockwork Angel, because William… Also, because it’s an amazing book and series!


11. How many books are currently on your Goodreads TBR list?

There are 499 books on my TBR list. Will I ever to all of them? I sure hope so! It’s certainly a challenge that I’m willing to take head on! Just thinking about it makes me excited! Ooh~ I can’t wait! Must read now!