February Wrap-Up

This month I read 5 books and started 2.

Alright, let’s get to it!


I read two children’s books

In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories retold by Alvin Schwartz, art by Dirk Zimmer



Score: 5/5

I loved this book, if you have children and they like spook things, I highly recommend this book.

You can read my review here.



Kitten’s First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes



Score: 3/5

The art was very cute and I suppose so was the story, but I found this book to be a bit lacking.



The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare



Score: 3/5

I liked this book, but it didn’t wow me.

You can read my review here.



Cinder by Marissa Meyer


Score: 5/5

I loved this book. Best book I read this month.

You can read my review here.



Pride and Prejudice and Zombies



Score: 3/5


You can read my review here.



Started reading:

Rarity from the Hollow by Robert Eggleton


The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan




January Wrap-Up!

As with previous wrap-ups, I’ll only briefly summarize how I felt about the book. Reviews are linked if you’re interested! I read a lot of good books this month!


The Anybodies by N.E. Bode

Score: 5/5



I loved this book. I think it handled the topic of loss and how it can affect different people very well. It helps kids understand that loss is a part of life in a non scary way.

Here is a link to my review if you would like to read it.



Mind Over Easy by Bryan Cohen

Score: 2.5/5



I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I did the first one, but it is by no means a bad book. It’s very entertaining and I think many people would find it enjoyable. I do recommend this series!

Here is a link to my review if you would like to read it.



S.H.A.D.O.W (webtoon) by yunuji and haejin

Score: 10/10

I loved this webtoon. It’s short and enjoyable. The characters are a bit cliched but they were still very likable and the plot was interesting. I hope there’s a second season!

Here’s a link to my review.shadow


The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Score: 5/5



The first time I read The Little Prince, I really didn’t like it. I’m so glad I tried it again. It’s such a beautiful book.

Here’s a link to my review.



And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Score: 5/5



This was a re-read for me and it was awesome! Reading this book was as exciting as the first one. The suspense was excellent, who will be next?!

Here’s a link to my review.



Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Score: 4/5


I wasn’t completely wowed by it, but it was very interesting. It certainly made me think about how much we emphasize physical appearance. Not just attractiveness but the color of our skin, race, height, etc. It also made me think about the things we are so dependent and take for granted. It also made me think about how we are conditioned to think a certain way without use realizing it.


Christmas Bookathon Wrap-up

Yay! I’m starting to realize that I really like month long bookathons. They give you a lot more freedom, and the challenges are always fun to do. This year I participated in the Christmas Bookathon! In total I read 5 books and completed 6 challenges. The last week of the bookathon I lost interest in the books I had selected so I read other books that didn’t count towards the challenges.

1) Read a book with red AND green on the cover Book: Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion
2) Read a book set during Christmas or a Christmas classic
3) Read a hardcover or paperback with either WHITE, GOLD or SNOW on the cover Book: Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion
4) Read a book set in winter Book: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
5) Read a book that you recently got as a Christmas present or a book that was recommended to you by a friend
6) Read an author you’ve never read before Book: Cashing Vermeer by Blue Balliett
7) Read a children’s book set in Christmas Book: Russell’s Christmas Magic
8) Read a book that’s been on your TBR since last Christmas Book: Mort by Terry Pratchett
9) Read a summer/holiday romance
10) Read a book that has a different cultural or religious aspect to your own
11) Read a book with the word Snow, Red, White, Green or Christmas in the title
12) As Christmas is the season of giving – Donate a book/books to your local charity, goodwill or secondhand bookstore and if you can find a good book there buy one in return and read it.

I completed 6 challenges and read 5 different books. The main reason I didn’t complete the other challenges was because they would have required me to buy more books, and my main goal for doing the bookathon was to read some of the books I already own. But I also did lose interest in some of the books I had selected before the bookathon started, and I just read something else that didn’t fit in with the challenges.

I really like bookathons, they help me choose books and keep me motivated. Sometimes, it’s a little hard to just pick up a book and read instead of sitting down to watch TV.

I’m really looking forward to participating in other bookathons!

2015 was a good book year!


First of all, yay!! I completed my challenge! I’m pretty happy with how many books I read, especially since I started in June and it takes me a really long time to finish a book.


Also yay! I find books over 250 pages a bit intimating, so having read a book over 500 pages long makes me pretty happy!


Overall I read really good books!

November Wrap-up!

This is my November wrap up, plus one book from October. I only read three books this month. Which to be honest, is more than usual. I usually read 1 or two so I’m a little proud! This month I read some pretty great books. I’m very happy with what I was able to read.

Click on the book titles to read the synopsis on Goodreads!

My thoughts on the books I read:

Odd Thomas: Forever Odd


SCORE: 5/5

WARNING: Potential spoiler if you haven’t read the first book or watched the movie.

Odd Thomas is my favorite protagonist. He is absolutely amazing. Even after losing Stormy he remains kind and brave. All he wants is to be with Stormy again, but he doesn’t let his sadness overcome him. He keeps fighting. This book was great. I was more emotionally invested in this book and I found it a little creepier. Nothing is scarier to me than someone so absolutely delusional they truly believe what they’re doing is ok. That amount of insanity is terrifying. The one thing I didn’t like about this book is the relationship between Odd and one of the characters. Odd describes this other character as a brother, however, in the first book this character was never mentioned. It just felt a little contrived.

John Dies at the End


SCORE: 5/5

OMG I loved this book! This book was so much fun to read! Cynical, sarcastic, and a lot more deeper and meaningful than it might initially seem. I’m not really sure how to describe this book. This book doesn’t have the typical heroic, brave, rise above it all type of protagonist. This protagonist is quite the opposite. He’s actually a pretty shitty person, but you like him either way. He’s not charming, but he does seem… relatable. That’s not to say  you can relate because you too are shitty, it just means that perhaps you can see your own faults in him. All the characters are interesting and likable.



SCORE: 5/5

I loved this book. Cath is relatable, Levi is amazing, and Wren’s behavior is the type of behavior I never understood when I too was young and in college. It’s interesting that so many of us can relate with Cath. It’s amazing and so much fun! Although this book provoked quite a bit of feelings, I wasn’t fully immersed while reading. I’m not sure why. However, after finishing it and thinking about it I realized how much I truly love this book. Now every time I see the cover I get butterflies in my stomach and I feel nostalgia and super happy feelings.  I love this book!



SCORE: 4/5

I have to admit that what really pushed me to buy this book was the cover. I mean I thought it sounded very interesting and I wanted to read it, but what really pushed me to buy it ASAP was the cover. I mean… wow. Ah Daemon, Daemon, Daemon… boy, make up your freaken mind! Seriously, this hot and then cold thing is cute and exciting at first, but come on now. This book was so much fun. Despite what I said in the previous sentences, all the characters were pretty likable. It was fast paced and not too long. My only complaint is the occasional editing errors and that I wish the English had been a bit more sophisticated. I don’t mean the dialogues, I thought that was fine and true to how teenagers speak. However, the descriptions would have been a lot better if the language had had a little more depth. I will be continuing the series.


Have you read any of these books? What are your thoughts?