I like making pointless videos!

So, I like making pointless videos. By that I mean that I like to record things that I think are interesting or nice to look at. No other real reason behind it, I’ve always liked recording things and taking pictures.

And now I’ve decided to share my pointless videos with you! Why? I don’t know, just felt like it, perhaps you’ll find them relaxing, perhaps you’ll see something nice. They’re really short, hardly edited, and don’t have  a posting schedule.

Anyway, I’ve posted 2 so far, check them out if you want! My favorite is the Snail one. I didn’t know they had tiny teeth, that’s awesome!


Meet my favorite clown and chef.

Hi guys! It’s been a while. I haven’t been very active in the book blogger community lately. Honestly, I haven’t been reading much, but I’m not on a reading slump. I’m just in the mood for something else. And that something else is…YOUTUBE! Continue reading